Packages To Houston Residents on Pace to Triple in 2022, Causing Disruption at Multifamily Properties

Multifamily landlords and property managers look for solutions like mobile door releases, delivery passes and dedicated package rooms to accept, store and manage incoming packages

ButterflyMX, the leading provider of smartphone-based access control technology for multifamily, commercial, student housing, and gated properties, today released data showing the growth of package deliveries to Houston residents at multifamily properties. This growth has caused owners and property managers to seek solutions that alleviate stress on staff to accept, store and manage incoming packages.

ButterflyMX has seen a 49% adoption rate in the past year as more property owners and managers strive to differentiate their offerings. The company analyzed data gathered from more than 16,000 apartment units in the Houston metropolitan area, which accounts for 2.5% of all multifamily units in the market, to measure and understand resident behavior. This includes data from multifamily properties owned by Morgan Group, Madera Residential, and Darvin Group.

ButterflyMX reported the following trends in the Houston metropolitan area:

  1. 186% increase in number of packages delivered over the same period in 2021, which is trending above the national average of 82% across other buildings in the ButterflyMX platform.
  2. With no signs of slowing, package delivery volume at multifamily properties is estimated to grow almost 15% per year through 2025. With a whopping 76% of multifamily residents nationwide receiving three or more packages per month, deliveries continue to be a distraction when not effectively controlled.
  3. Remote door management, which gives residents the ability to securely allow guests into their building without requiring the resident to be on site, are on track to double across ButterflyMX’s platform by the end of the year.

“Despite a possible recession and volatile markets, Houston’s population and local economy is growing. The Bayou City boasts a 91.4% occupancy rate across the multifamily sector and is number seven among the nation’s largest apartment markets in terms of total units slated for delivery,” said Aaron Rudenstine, CEO of ButterflyMX. “With 15,000 units under construction and over 35,000 new units proposed, it is imperative that proptech solutions are adopted to support new resident growth in Houston.”

Millennials are expected to become the largest generation in history, and they are moving to The Bayou City in droves due to its affordability, job market, and housing inventory. Building owners and developers are seeking new ways to improve Millennial living experiences to keep them satisfied.

“Incorporating technology will be the only way forward to deliver better outcomes for Millennials,” said Cyrus Claffey, founder of ButterflyMX. “Through our mobile-based platform, residents have greater control and security in what is a seemingly restrictive reality of multifamily access control — providing access to invited guests and other third parties.”

Founded in 2014, ButterflyMX pioneered simple and convenient mobile-based property access by launching the world’s first smart video intercom. Today, ButterflyMX is relied upon by the most trusted names in multifamily and commercial real estate to provide a simple property access experience into and throughout their buildings. Their products include video intercoms, keypads, key lockers, elevator controls, package rooms, and access controllers all designed to provide buildings with a unified property access experience that can be managed from the ButterflyMX OS — an online system for issuing access permissions, reviewing entry logs, and integrating other building services providing access control.

About ButterflyMX

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