Interview with Patricia Ferrick, President at FVCbank

Before coming to FVCbank in 2007, Patricia was Chief Financial Officer for Potomac Bank of Virginia since 2005, taking it through its sale to Sandy Spring Bank. She also had been CFO for Southern Financial Bank until its sale to Provident Bank and then Senior Vice President for Provident for the year following the merger. She began her career as a CPA working as a bank auditor for KPMG and then a comptroller for various community banks, among them NVR Savings, First Commonwealth (both acquired), and National Cooperative Bank. Patricia’s management skills in the particularly challenging area of mergers and acquisitions have made her an invaluable member of our team and we count on the expertise that she has earned.

She holds a B.S. in Accounting from Virginia Tech and has been a licensed CPA since 1989.

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Interview questions:

Introduction | Patricia, you have an impressive background. Give us a little background on some of the highlights of your career. [native of Northern VA, went to name of your high school and VT, go quickly through the time leading up to joining FVCbank…]

Snapshot | Can you provide some of the highlights you have experienced during your 16 years at FVCbank? What are some of the moments you cherish while growing the Bank? [this can be heartfelt memories of the people who helped start the bank, helped build the bank, Patricia’s solid relationship with David Pijor and his influence on her, customer moments, the moment the Bank hit $1 billion, $2 billion, etc,]

Fintech / Technology | You have had a lot of press recently about the advanced financial technology FVCbank has introduced to its customers. Tell us a little about this technology. What are a few benefits these new platforms provide for your customers? How about your staff?

Roadmap | FVCbank has total assets of around $2.4 billion. You have a seasoned, experienced executive team. Give us your thoughts about where you’d like to take FVCbank over the next five years. [

Community | As a community bank, FVCbank is very hands-on in the areas it serves. Why is this important to you and to the growth of the Bank?

The Difference | Banks seem to offer the same products and services. In your mind, what makes FVCbank standout from the competition.

FVCbank is a little different than your average bank. But what, exactly, is that difference? That’s a question we put to ourselves. After long thought and collaboration, we came up with our own definition of who we are and how we want to do business — our manifesto, if you will.

FVCbank is committed to giving back to the communities where we do business to ensure a brighter future for everyone. The feeling of belonging extends well beyond the walls of our bank. It spreads out into the communities that we serve. Being a good corporate citizen means actively playing a role in the community; this is why many of our managers, officers and board members are involved in local philanthropic and civic organizations.

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