Interview with Michael Maglin, CEO of CraniUS

Mike Maglin joined the CraniUS team as CEO in July 2021 after spending 24 years in four different Fortune 1000 companies, serving in several senior leadership capacities.

Mr. Maglin began his career in the retail industry at May Company Department Stores before receiving his MBA at Indiana University. Post-MBA he spent 13 years at leading Consumer Packaged Goods Companies, Colgate-Palmolive and ConAgra Foods, managing $100-500 million brand portfolios.

He spent his decade prior to CraniUS at Under Armour.In his first three years, as the Head of North America Strategy, Mr. Maglin helped lead the company’s digital transformation by supporting the execution of three acquisitions totaling $650 million in the Connected Fitness space. Over the last 7 years, Mr. Maglin held multiple senior leadership roles across the digital organization. In 2013, Mr. Maglin became the Head of Digital Product, overseeing the development of UA’s first health and fitness app and managed a team of software and hardware engineers to begin to create new wearable technologies for the company. He spent his final years at UA as the North America Vice President of Digital Revenue which grew to over $800 million during that timeframe.

Mr. Maglin has served previously on the Board of Directors at Carchex, an auto insurance company in Baltimore, MD and currently serves on the Board of Directors at WinnersEdge Sports Products Inc., a pickleball shoe company based in Sparta, NJ.

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Interview questions:

Introduction |CraniUS is an R&D company focused on diagnostics and treatments for patients with chronic brain diseases. Can you explain the NeuroPASS technology?

Disruption | How is NeuroPASS disrupting drug delivery for brain disease? Can you explain how the pump works? What is the brain-medicine interface (BMI); what is the role of CraniUS?

Dr. Chad Gordon | Who is Dr. Chad Gordon; what role did he play in developing the technology?

Career | Your career includes a recent stint at Under Armor as Vice President, of North America E-commerce. Please share the highlights of your career and decision to join CraniUS.

Clinical Study | What is the status of your clinical trials?

Funding | Last year, CraniUS closed on a $19.4 million Series A; the investors were private. Please tell us about the funding.

Milestones | What are some of the key milestones since launching the company?

Team | Who are the key members of the team?

Roadmap | What is next on the roadmap?

CraniUS‘ stated mission is to invent and engineer world-class technology to define the future of diagnostics and treatments for patients with chronic brain disease. Its flagship device, known as the NeuroPASS, is being specifically developed to bypass the challenges presented by the blood-brain barrier, which has rendered traditional therapeutic treatments of brain disease ineffective. CraniUS utilizes a novel pump design, refillable reservoir, and wireless charging technology to enable long-term and direct medicine administration via CED (convection-enhanced delivery), an effective method of medicine delivery first introduced by the National Institute of Health (NIH). CraniUS began in May 2021 in Baltimore, MD, as a byproduct of the emerging field known as “Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, through the vision, insight, and pioneering work of Dr. Chad Gordon.

Recent News:

CraniUS Obtains Scientific Evidence of Successful Convection-Enhanced Delivery Using Patented NeuroPASS Device

CraniUS Announces a Strategic Partnership with Medical Product Laboratories

CraniUS Appoints Sharon Wolfington as Vice-Chair on Board of Directors

CraniUS Appoints Henry Brem, MD to Board of Directors

CraniUS Closes on $19.4 Million in Quest to Build ‘Direct-to-Brain’ Drug Delivery Device

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