Interview with Lavie Popack, CEO of Overpass

Lavie Popack is the founder and CEO of multiple businesses that stem from his curiosity, creativity, and relentless determination to make a positive global impact.

He grew the business into a powerhouse in the renewable energy space, spanning 11 offices, 9 states and 30 utilities, and brought his mission for a greener planet into the homes and businesses of tens of thousands.The learnings from MPower’s success influenced his decision to launch Overpass, a SaaS platform for remote work. Lavie saw the opportunity to use technology to bring transparency and accountability to businesses to give them the same trust and confidence in their remote workforce as their in-house team, while offering sustainable remote work opportunities to a global talent pool.

In line with his values of creating positive, sustainable impact, Lavie is active in his local community and charitable organizations. He considers family a top priority and dedicates his evenings to spending time with his wife and 6 children.

Interview questions:

Mission | One of the missions of Overpass is “to remove any obstacles to working remotely”; can you explain.

Milestones |Overpass was founded in 2014. Please share some of the key milestones since the launch?

Co-Founder | Yamen Bendit was the co-founder of Overpass. Tell us about his background and his role.

Platform | What are the key features of the Overpass platform?

Scale | How does Overpass help companies scale their sales operation? How does Overpass transform the hiring process?

Applicants | How is Overpass sourcing qualified candidates?

Industries | Which industries are Overpass focused on?

Customers | Who are some of the companies that Overpass has helped?

Remote Sales Team | What is key to keeping a great remote sales team? What is the appropriate framework for managing a remote sales team?

Advice | What advice would you provide to employees for future-proofing their business?

Future of Work | Can you share your thoughts on the future of work?

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Overpass, the world’s first vertical talent marketplace for remote SDRs. As the leading solution for hiring sales reps online, gives business & team leaders the tools to find, onboard, and manage experienced sales professionals from a single source. With access to worldwide vetted talent across hundreds of industries, team managers can select the right reps for their team in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

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