Interview with James Fennelly, SVP Development at Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners

As Vice President of Development for Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, Mr. Fennelly is responsible for the executive oversight and management of all development services projects and processes for Jair Lynch. Mr. Fennelly brings over 20 years of experience in project development and consultant/contractor management services.

Mr. Fennelly’s recent projects include a full suite of design, construction, and advisory services for the renovation of the 450,000 square foot historically landmarked Martin Luther King Jr DC Public Library, the turn-key development of a 240k square foot DC Headquarter office as the first of three to deliver in Metro’s Office Consolidation Project, the re-development of two public charter school expansion projects, and a utility conversion project for a 25-acre, 590-unit garden-style residential complex for a Jair Lynch sponsored investment. Mr. Fennelly specializes in the execution of complex development processes and fast-track delivery schedules for Jair Lynch’s third-party clients and is versed in many jurisdictional entitlements.

Mr. Fennelly brings to Jair Lynch a background in construction as a former office/field engineer for a 122,000 square foot Youth Services Center located in NE Washington DC as well as having served as Project Engineer on a joint venture to build the state-of-the-art Unified Communications Center in Southeast Washington, DC. The landmark project, located on the St. Elizabeth’s campus, centralized communication for DC’s emergency, non-emergency, and District-wide call center by integrating DC’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA), the Office of Unified Communications (OUC), and the OCTO Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


  • U.S. Green Building Council: LEED® Accredited Professional
  • District of Columbia Building Industry Association (DCBIA)
  • Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS)

Interview questions:

Introduction | You are the senior vice president of development, at Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners. What are your responsibilities?

Experience |Please share your experience and projects prior to joining Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners.

The Company | Please provide an introduction to Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners.

Clients | What types of clients/companies do you serve?

Projects | Can you tell us about the major projects that you’re involved in?

Impact |Jair Lynch is an impact-focused organization. Tell us about your attainable housing strategy and how you focus on social impact.

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Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners is a leading real estate investment and development firm that specializes in the thoughtful transformation of walkable urban places. Founded in 1998, Jair Lynch has acquired, developed, and operated a portfolio of residential, commercial, and neighborhood assets that contribute to the company’s mission of creating extraordinary places. The firm has developed nearly 6 million square feet of real estate projects valued at more than $2 billion and has a current pipeline of 4.5 million square feet valued at nearly $2 billion. Jair Lynch currently has over $3.3 billion of assets under management. Visit to learn more.

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