Interview with Aaron Rudenstine, CEO at ButterflyMX

Aaron specializes in building high-performing teams to launch and grow new technology products. He was a co-founder of Citymaps, which was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2016, and is an investor in Reddit, Button, Omaze, Henry The Dentist, Parallel Wireless, Clear Ballot, Pinata, and FilmRise.

He is an angel investor, board member, advisor, author, and a results-oriented technology executive with extensive experience at startups, growth-stage, and publicly traded companies. Aaron holds an MBA from Harvard.

Interview questions:

Introduction |ButterflyMX provides smart home technology. Please provide an introduction to ButterflyMX. Technology, employees, paid-in capital, etc.

Career/Founder | In 2011, you were the co-founder of Citymaps. Citymaps raised $12 million and sold Citymaps 5 years later to Trip Advisor. Please provide some highlights of this entrepreneurial journey and your career prior to joining ButterflyMX.

Background |ButterflyMX was founded by Cyrus Claffey in 2014. In 2019, you became CEO of ButterflyMX. Tell us about this transition.

Proptech | How does ButterFlyMx compete in the proptech landscape?

Solution | What are the key features of ButterflyMX’s unified access control platform?

Acquisition | Earlier this year, ButterflyMX acquired CloudKeyz. Tell us about CloudKeyz and the impact of the acquisition.

Capital | According to Crunchbase, ButterflyMX has raised over $108 million. Please provide an overview of the capital journey from seed to angel to Series D that was led by JMI Equity.

Growth | What are the growth plans for ButterflyMX? Internal growth or acquisitions?

Angel Investor | As an angel investor, your investments have included Omaze, FilmRise, Button, Clear Ballot, and Reddit. Can you provide an overview of your angel investments?

Venture Capital |In 2017, you became a venture partner at 3L Capital. Tell us about this phase of your career.

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Founded in 2014, ButterflyMX is a leading provider of smartphone-based access control technology for multifamily, commercial, student housing, and gated properties. They pioneered simple and convenient mobile-based property access by launching the world’s first smart video intercom. ButterflyMX products include video intercoms, keypads, key lockers, elevator controls, package rooms, and access controllers all designed to provide buildings with a unified property access experience that can be managed from the ButterflyMX OS — an online system for issuing access permissions, reviewing entry logs, and integrating other building services providing access control.

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