Absci Appoints Andreas Busch, PhD as Chief Innovation Officer

VANCOUVER, Wash. and NEW YORK, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Absci Corporation (Nasdaq: ABSI), leaders in the protein drug creation revolution harnessing generative AI and scalable biological data to design better therapeutics, faster, today announced the appointment of Andreas Busch, PhD, as Chief Innovation Officer, where he will be responsible for leading R&D, technical operations, and driving both Absci’s internal and partner programs. As a former pharma R&D executive, Dr. Busch brings substantial R&D expertise to Absci’s leadership team as a world-renowned leader in drug development that has led discovery efforts for some of the globe’s top pharma companies including Sanofi, Bayer, and Shire. His leadership has resulted in over 10 commercial drugs starting from bench to FDA approval with several more in late stage clinical development.

“Serving on Absci’s Board has solidified my conviction and belief that Absci is dismantling the paradigm of drug discovery with generative AI which will allow us to achieve our vision to go from discovering or finding drugs within existing libraries to creating drugs in silico on a computer,” said Dr. Busch. “To usher in this new reality, high-quality and high-throughput biological data is needed. Absci has addressed this data problem through its breakthrough wet lab technology that can interrogate millions-to-billions of protein-protein interactions in a given week. The integration of these wet lab data technologies with generative AI is critical for the evolution of drug discovery to drug creation which will enable patients access to higher efficacy drugs, faster. I couldn’t be more excited to join the team full time and make this a reality.”

“I’m honored and humbled to have this opportunity to work alongside someone as accomplished and well respected in drug development as Dr. Busch,” said Sean McClain, Founder and CEO of Absci. “With his extensive operational R&D expertise coupled with Absci’s generative AI drug creation platform, we are strongly positioned to redefine the drug discovery process and create better drugs for patients faster. I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Busch to our team and look to this next chapter with confidence as we embark on the protein drug creation revolution.”

Prior to joining Absci, Dr. Busch served as Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Head of the Innovation Center at Cyclerion Therapeutics, Inc., an innovator in CNS biotherapeutics. Before Cyclerion, Dr. Busch served as Executive Vice President, Head of Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Shire prior to their acquisition by Takeda. Prior to joining Shire, he held several senior leadership positions in his 13-year tenure at Bayer, most recently as Executive Vice President and Head of Global Drug Discovery for Bayer Pharma in which he oversaw all functions and activities from target identification to Proof of Concept in patients. Dr. Busch was responsible for shaping Bayer’s overall R&D strategy, integrating Schering’s drug discovery R&D, and oversaw vast improvements in Bayer’s research productivity. Earlier in his career, Dr. Busch was Global Head of Cardiovascular Research at Hoechst and Sanofi-Aventis. Dr. Busch has served as a member of numerous Supervisory and Scientific Boards of research institutions and companies, including the German Cancer Research Center, the University of Tübingen, the Max Delbrück Center, and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics, as well as Takeda and start-up companies, such as Omeicos and BerlinCures. He also holds the title of Extraordinary Professor of Pharmacology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Busch received his license to practice Pharmacy and PhD in Pharmacology from the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University, Frankfurt. He is the author of over 400 publications and abstracts, and he received the prestigious Sir Bernard Katz and Franz Volhard Awards for his work on renal and cardiac ion channels and transporters.

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