This Philly Entrepreneur Made Her Reality TV Debut On Season 43 Of ‘Survivor’

Morriah Young has been a fan of “Survivor” since she was a kid; she grew up watching it with her mom and sisters, and it was her mother’s dream to be a contestant.

When her mom passed away, Young did a few things to honor her legacy. She became a teacher like her, and she scattered her ashes in Hawaii, a place her mom always wanted to go, but didn’t get the chance. The last thing on the list was to be a contestant on “Survivor” — a dream now realized as the West Philly-based entrepreneur is a cast member on Season 43 of the show, which premiered Wednesday night.

“I’m just really blessed, really lucky,” Young told “That it is a goal of mine that I was able to do and also was able to do for my mom too.”