Meet Maryland’s Treevo, a Single App for All Social Media Accounts

For those of you with a constant Instagram/Facebook/Twitter feed proliferating the tabs of your work screen, there’s a new startup to keep an eye on.

Treevo, based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, built an eponymous app designed to unify social media accounts and followers. From the app, users can make a post on any and all of their social media apps, as well as view everything someone else has posted across all accounts — whether the aforementioned three, YouTube or anything else. The idea, founder and CEO Tywande Barnes said, is to create a single, streamlined and centralized social media presence and experience that keeps an audience all in one place.

For users, this could mean freeing up phone space by consolidating everything into a single app. But for content creators, the CEO thinks it could mean a more concentrated audience in a streamlined environment.