3 Dividend Stocks To Fight Inflation


  • The Fed is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.
  • Red hot inflation, recession fear, and negative market sentiment emphasized last week by FedEx have many investors seeking high-yielding dividend stocks to hedge against and battle losses.
  • This article highlights three dividend-paying stocks with excellent fundamentals, amazing profitability, and strong dividend safety grades. The four-year average yield on each stock pick is over 4%.
  • Although each of the three stocks experienced some declines this year, they have fared well overall.
  • Like most equities with high yields, they can be risky while offering a good opportunity to buy when markets fall.

September Federal Reserve Meeting (FOMC)

Investors are on the prowl for investments that offer income, as portfolios have taken a hit in this volatile market environment, with no end in sight. And while not all high-yield stocks are created equal, by and large, the backdrop of the upcoming Fed meeting supports a 75- to 100-basis point hike, which bodes well for dividend-paying stocks. However, should the Fed surprise by presenting a less than 75-basis point hike, growth stocks will likely take off.