ProNavigator Forms US Insurance Advisory Council

ProNavigator, a software-as-a-service business that helps insurance companies more efficiently store, manage and use their documents, announced the establishment of their U.S. Insurance Advisory Council. The Council will guide and inform ProNavigator’s product and go-to-market strategy with decades of experience and a unique understanding of the U.S. Insurance Market.

Members of the U.S. Advisory Council Include:

  • Chris Cheatham, Product Evangelist, Bold Penguin
  • Jennifer Byrne, Co-Founder & President, Quesnay Inc.
  • Stephen Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, Tetra G

“Our Insurance Advisory Council is comprised of three game-changing leaders in our industry, and we’re humbled and honored to work alongside them,” said Joseph D’Souza, CEO of ProNavigator. “There’s a transition taking place in Insurtech that’s moving towards focusing on insurance workers and modernizing the back office. We’re excited about ProNavigator’s role in this and the guidance we’ll get from the U.S. Advisory Council to move it toward reality.”

“I love back office insurtech solutions, and ProNavigator is a great example of a company that is solving real problems. By understanding insurance language, ProNavigator can quickly set up a new document repository for carriers. Insurance organizations will benefit significantly from ProNavigator’s insurance-specific knowledge management.” Chris Cheatham, Product Evangelist, Bold Penguin

“Knowledge management can be one of the most frustrating and least focused on areas for an insurance business. What the ProNavigator team has built is simple for clients to onboard, use and is bringing massive benefits to their existing client base. I’m excited to work with Joseph and team as they expand geographically and across insurance product lines.” – Stephen Goldstein, Founder and Managing Principal, TETRA G

“With the exponential growth of digital data in the insurance industry, it is essential to organize and facilitate smart and timely retrieval of information so that insurers can better serve their customers in underwriting, claims processing, and operationally overall. I am so pleased to join Joseph and his talented team to address this critical problem for carriers in the United States and beyond.” – Jennifer Byrne. Co-Founder & President, Quesnay Inc.

About ProNavigator
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