mPhase Appoints Tom Fore As COO

mPhase Technologies, Inc., a leading consumer engagement company developing a suite of mPower mobility services that increase revenue for retailers, is pleased to announce the appointment of project development expert Tom Fore to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Consistent with the Company’s commitment to rapidly commercialize its mPower mobility services, Tom will oversee the administrative and operational functions of the Company as it expands its offering to include EV charging services at brick-and-mortar retailers. He will also continue to serve on the mPhase board.

In addition to a varied background in entertainment and as a technology entrepreneur, Tom has particular expertise in real estate development, where he has been involved in the planning and construction of major building projects for more than two decades. Most recently, he has served as President of Tiderock Companies, a real estate services and holding company with particular expertise in mixed-use master development and Public Private Partnerships (“P3 Projects”).

“My skill set matches some of our pending needs as we look to accelerate the development of the mPower network. The unacceptably slow pace of execution was a major factor behind the board’s decision to implement a full leadership change at mPhase, but that came with a recognition that we needed to maintain some continuity to ensure progress in our existing projects,” said COO Tom Fore. “I decided to assume the COO role to provide that continuity, but also to bring into play my relationships and contacts in the developer world. The available footprint for EV charging far exceeds the resources of any one company, so I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce our industry-first strategy to new partners and properties seeking to prepare for an EV-centric future. I will be assuming all duties typical to the COO position, along with an extra measure of project development related to my extensive real estate connections around the U.S.”

The COO position is one of several senior level management roles that will bring together a new team of seasoned industry experts to manage the growth and execution stage for mPhase. The board has set a goal to fill a majority of these key executive positions in the coming months. Along with traditional C-suite roles, the board is also actively exploring the addition of a technology advisory team to pursue unique verticals within the mobility services space.

About mPhase Technologies

mPhase is a mobility services company offering a suite of consumer engagement services using data analytics and artificial intelligence to influence customer purchase decisions at opportunistic times and places. The company’s mPower platform will influence where consumers shop, fuel and interact with retailers. mPower is tailored to each individual’s tastes and needs, with a focus on empowering the environmentally-conscious consumer and the evolution to EV-centric travel. Additional information can be found at the mPhase website, Please follow us on twitter: @mPhase_Tech for the latest updates.