Randolph, Clay and Quitman Counties To Join The AmeriPro Health EMS/911 Platform

AmeriPro Health LLC, a portfolio of healthcare companies committed to making patient logistics and last-mile healthcare delivery more efficient and valuable, today announced that three more rural Georgia counties have voted to transfer their EMS/911 services to AmeriPro EMS, an innovative operator of high-quality ambulance, mobile integrated health, and patient logistics services in the Southeastern United States. Implementation will take place over the next several months once the contracts are finalized.

“Rural America is struggling across the nation to meet the needs of their citizens with Emergency Services and provide access to affordable and sustainable health care,” said Larry Richardson, Chief Business Officer at AmeriPro Health. “We are the answer to those struggles.”

AmeriPro Health brings many benefits to rural communities, including state of the art ambulance services, increased clinical and diagnostic capabilities, last-mile health care and a unique public-private partnership with local healthcare providers and hospital facilities in the region.

Clay County is a small rural community, so when they closed our nearest community hospital back in 2020, we became very dependent upon EMS services for our emergency healthcare needs,” said James Davenport, Chairman of Clay County Georgia. “Unfortunately, under the current system, we were not receiving quality, reliable care. By joining forces with our surrounding communities and contracting with AmeriPro, we will be able to provide our community state-of-the-art, reliable EMS and emergency healthcare services.”

“We look forward to a long-lasting, symbiotic relationship with AmeriPro Health,” said Carvel Lewis, Chairman of Quitman County, Georgia. “Despite the economic woes of our area in Southwest Georgia, AmeriPro will enable us to improve the quality of life for our residents and strengthen our mission to improve economic development in our county and region.”

In general, rural American has fewer opportunities, fewer resources, and less access to good health care, so by utilizing the AmeriPro Health broad service offerings, communities can gain better access to sustainable health care. AmeriPro strategically aligns with government counterparts to build better access to health care beyond the existing level of transportation services.

“Rural America should not have to compromise on health care,” adds Richardson “Through these strategic public-private partnerships and collaboration with the local health care facilities, we can design a long-term sustainable solution to the challenges of rural America and provide an elevated level of Emergency Medical Services and better access to health care to counties like RandolphClay and Quitman County. We look forward to working with other rural communities in our country to fill the void and lack of quality healthcare. It is opportunities like these that allow us to bring additional service offerings like acute care to communities that have not had access to these services in the past and help provide a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.”

AmeriPro Health is the new parent company of AmeriPro EMS. The company plans to continue expansion into other areas supporting its mission of patient centered, value-based services to provide sophisticated emergency, critical care and non-emergency medical transport and patient logistics. For more information about AmeriPro Health, please visit www.ameriprohealth.com.

About AmeriPro Health LLC

AmeriPro Health LLC is a portfolio of healthcare companies committed to making patient logistics and last-mile healthcare delivery more efficient and valuable. These sophisticated emergency, critical care and non-emergency medical transport, patient logistics and high touch home centered care companies offer a complement of services across the entire patient care continuum that delivers better patient outcomes, more efficient care, and unprecedented access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Through its portfolio of companies, AmeriPro Health offers a customizable suite of patient-centered, value-based services to meet and exceed the needs of communities, health systems, health plans and employers. As an innovator in last-mile healthcare, our adaptability and foresight allow our companies to execute rapidly to meet the transformational needs of our customers.