Enginuity Power Systems Acquires Katech

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enginuity Power Systems announced today that it acquired world-renown engine builder Katech Inc. earlier this year as part of a strategy to speed the commercialization of its innovative micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) product, E1.

E1 replaces the standard water heater with a fully integrated system that provides a home with all electric power and space and water heating requirements. E1 was awarded ‘Best in Show’, ‘Best Home Technology Product’ and ‘Best Energy Efficient Product’ at the 2020 International Builders Show in Las Vegas last January.

At the heart of E1 is a small internal combustion engine that runs quietly and efficiently on multiple fuels. Katech Engineering is now working on the latest generation of the engine, and on the mCHP assembly, which are critical steps toward E1 commercialization.

“We believe Katech’s world-class engine design and test capabilities, along with its on-site high-performance engine and parts manufacturing resources, will significantly shorten the mCHP’s time to market,” said Jacques Beaudry-Losique, President of Enginuity Power Systems. “Our truly innovative engine is in the right hands at the right time.”

Katech will continue to operate its established businesses, which includes motorsports, vehicle aftermarket, and corporate accounts, and this will allow Enginuity to tap new opportunities in the transportation sector.

Katech recently signed a contract to supply several thousand US-made temperature-scan stands to a firm providing scanners to hospitals, hotels, government agencies and universities to support COVID-19 pandemic efforts. It also recently expanded its presence in the alternative fuel and marine engine markets.

About Enginuity Power Systems
Enginuity Power Systems has invented the next generation of engine and generator technology with its patented four-stroke inwardly opposed piston engine. The dynamically scalable engine is ultra quiet, lightweight, 25%-30% more fuel and thermally efficient than conventional technology, and multi-fuel capable. The engine will serve as a base for consumer products that provide reliable power, even in the wake of disasters and grid interruptions.

About Katech
Katech is a leading provider of high-performance engines and components for professional motorsports programs and driving enthusiasts worldwide. Katech also delivers precision machined components and products to corporate customers.