Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology Announces Partnership with Operations Team at Gilead Sciences

Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology (WEST), a leading not-for-profit organization that focuses on developing future women leaders in the STEM fields, is pleased to announce that Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Gilead) has committed to a partnership through investments in efforts to support women in STEM careers. The partnership comes in the form of ensuring women in STEM fields have the opportunity to attend career enhancing events, Gilead leaders in Corporate Operations support WEST in advisory/mentorship opportunities, and Gilead continues to advocate for more women in STEM leadership roles.

WEST will use the support to offer 15 events at no charge, including a “Career Possibilities Panel Series” for exploring the wide range of STEM career pathways that are available. The events in this series will be offered every other month for two years. The panels will have an informational interview type feel with panelists sharing their career paths, a look at what their job entails, transferable skills for those looking to make a change, tips for uncovering opportunities, and advice for others. Each session will focus on a different career field option, such as drug discovery, business development, market access, regulatory, and data science. The panel discussion will be followed by speed networking with the panelists. Another series planned is the “How to be an Effective Series”, which will include three sessions: “How to Be an Effective Mentor/People Manager”; “How to Be an Effective Communicator”; and “How to Be an Effective Negotiator.”

“We are very excited to offer these programs and are grateful to Gilead for their generous support,” said Jaime Luna, WEST’s Senior Director of Operations. “This will enable us to broaden our impact by bringing quality programming to more people. It will help people find the STEM careers that are right for them and have the career development tools necessary to be successful.”

“At Gilead Sciences, we believe a diverse workforce is critical to creating a better, healthier world. WEST makes important investments in future women leaders and we are proud to support initiatives that advance gender equity in science, engineering and technology,” said JoydeepGanguly, Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations at Gilead Sciences.

More information on upcoming WEST events can be found here.

About WEST:

WEST (Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology) is a learning community that provides women in the enterprise of science and technology with the inspiration, knowledge, and connections to reach their full potential. Our diverse membership represents industries ranging from technology and biotech to cleantech and environmental sciences. WEST is a community and forum for early, mid-career, executive and entrepreneurial women in science and technology careers. WEST members are committed to developing themselves as leaders through education, mentorship, networking, and information sharing. WEST encourages women to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and creative risk-taking.www.westorg.org

About Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that has pursued and achieved breakthroughs in medicine for more than three decades, with the goal of creating a healthier world for all people. The company is committed to advancing innovative medicines to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases, including HIV, viral hepatitis, cancer and inflammation. Gilead operates in more than 35 countries worldwide, with headquarters in Foster City, California.

Gilead has promoted equity, particularly healthcare equity, since the company brought its first therapies to the market. Through global partnerships, Gilead’s medicines today reach millions of people in low- and middle-income countries around the world.  https://www.gilead.com/