Process, People And Pipeline: How Dottid Is Tearing Down Data Barriers

Dottid’s CTO, Seneca Miller serves as Keynote Presenter at RETCON 2022

At RETCON 2022, leaders gathered to look at the problems and future opportunities in the commercial real estate technology industry. Sessions focused on data, strategy, technology and the future of Proptech at this National PropTech event in New York City. Seneca Miller, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Operating Officer at Dottid, used his experience to explain how companies can utilize technology and data for better planning. At Dottid, the goal is to optimize assets and create a sense of ease for CRE transactions. This type of foundational work is crucial now more than ever with so many working virtually and away from physical office spaces and bosses. Especially in regards to getting employees back into the office comfortably, it is crucial to turn these data points into actionable items. But one question remains- what are the barriers to leveraging data to create meaningful action? For Miller, this boils down to process, people and pipeline.

Process. Miller explains that the first of the three main obstacles is something people have been struggling with since before tech even became a component of commercial real estate. It is a fundamental plight of humanity. How can everyone ensure they have access to key information? Miller says the answer is relatively simple. It is important to streamline processes so that everyone within a company can get to this data without having to go through multiple higher-ups. He says, “What you really need to do is get that data out into a process and ultimately into a pipeline to where it can be used by new people onboarding into your team or basically put into a data structure where you can now leverage it and take action upon it.”

People. For the second barrier, Miller proposes distributing the wealth of knowledge equally. He explains that traditionally, many organizations have a single source of complete company knowledge, usually the most senior employee. However, this model has been turned on its head now as companies seek to use feedback and data to grow annually. At Dottid, Miller explains, they are looking into the best potential workflows for seamless repetition among employees. This method of data collection will allow for the best visibility. As Miller put it, “Data without visibility is incurring debt.” This streamlined collection can be a changemaker for data processes.

Pipeline. Lastly, Miller touches on creating a lasting future for data collection and retention. It is key that businesses understand how they have operated best in the past. If they are human-centric and a majority of their data is held by employees, they cannot afford to have high turnover rates. If they are more system-oriented, it is important that this is identical from employee to employee to avoid confusion and lost data. Dottid is changing this landscape by creating its own unique flow and encouraging others in the industry to do so as well.

For more on Dottid’s fresh ideas at RETCON 2022, check out Miller’s full speech here.