The Key To Education Is Human Connection At The Waldorf School Of Baltimore

The Waldorf School of Baltimore (WSB) understands the key to education is human connection, with teachers at every level, known to go above and beyond to ensure their students feel supported, secure, and special.

In the WSB Children’s Garden and First Grade Classes, the all-important work of relationship building starts well before the first day of school, thanks to the unique Waldorf practice of one-on-one student/teacher visits during the summer months.

While relaxed and informal, these warm visits are instrumental in connecting with the children on their own terms. Early Childhood Teacher, Colleen McGlory explains, “One-on-one visits with a child, their grown-ups and their teacher helps create a sense of familiarity and trust between everyone present. When the visits happen on campus, they instill the children with a sense of confidence as they start their journey in a new class or school. When they occur at home, they give the teacher a window into the child’s world.”