Gopuff Is Rolling Out Instant Cash Out, An Immediate Payment Option For Drivers

Following several months of tumult that included two major rounds of layoffs, instant needs delivery company Gopuff is adding a new payment option it says will benefits its drivers.

Instant Cash Out is a way for drivers to immediately transfer their earnings to a bank account, the Callowhill-headquartered company said Thursday. The change comes to US delivery partners, aka drivers, through a partnership with fintech platform Stripe, to offer drivers “with an eligible debit card” the option to cash out their earnings and tips quicker. Previously, the company paid drivers their earnings and tips on a weekly basis, a spokesperson said.

The idea for instant cash out came from the drivers themselves, the spokesperson said. Gopuff’s tech team updated its pay systems to be able to integrate with Stripe, and had been working with the fintech platform since March. In May, the spokesperson said, the company rolled out payments by about two to three days faster than its former weekly cadence.