Case Study: How Dottid Helped Tanglewood Property Group

If you look at Tanglewood Property Ground today, you’ll discover a small team of employees fiercely dedicated to their craft – that is, real estate investment and management, with a specialization in office and multi-family properties in Texas. You’ll find plugged-in team members who engage with one another and the industry, and who actively leverage PropTech to elevate their unified mission and daily workflow. The distinguishing factor between Tanglewood six months ago and now? Dottid.

How Tanglewood’s Workflow Lacked

Privately owned and founded in 1982, Tanglewood began the commercial real estate journey with one million square feet of space spread across three buildings.It didn’t take long for Tanglewood to realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to SaaS – and, they confronted challenge upon challenge throughout their time using numerous point solutions.

At the time, Tanglewood had little control over the information in their systems and could barely customize things – when they could, it was a small amount of customization that took substantial time and effort. Beyond this, Tanglewood reports that their previous software was anything but user-friendly. At the price Tanglewood was paying and how little it fit their business needs, something had to give.

Dottid Creates a Streamlined Platform

Tanglewood heard about Dottid in September 2021 – not a moment too soon. By November, the group had made the switch to the streamlined, intuitive Dottid platform. Less than six months into the transitions, Tanglewood Property Group cannot emphasize the difference Dottid was already making in their workflow. The results speak for themselves.

“WIth Dottid, we can control the entire portfolio – it’s more defined to what we’re looking for… and it’s easy to learn and understand,” says Vice President of Leasing Dean Wilkens, who has been with Tanglewood since 1987. “From our President to the VP of Finance, we’re all plugged in on Dottid. Now, we have active participation from every angle in Dottid. It’s user-friendly, effortless and simplified. With Dottid, there’s never a big paper trail of documents. It’s all right there on the platform.”

Dottid is Everything You Need, Wrapped Into One

As Dean notes, Dottid serves as a combination of other platforms out there, with great presentation, CRE language within the system, a lot of flexibility, and a low pricetag. More than that alone, Dottid allows for strong communication and work amongst and between all parties – brokers, C-suite leaders, leasing agents and more.

“Dottid marries the corporate office and property management in one space,” says Tanglewood Marketing Coordinator and Leasing Assistant, Ashley Wensrich. “With Dottid, I can assign tasks to team members which results in better collaboration amongst the team. Once a lease gets signed, it automatically goes to property management for the buildout phase and revenue – and, I’m able to log in to Dottid wherever I am and track what changes have been made about each and every deal.”

Tanglewood’s Success With Dottid Is Apparent

Since Tanglewood’s official go-live date in mid-December, the group has completed an increased number of deals and boasts company-wide engagement in the Dottid platform. It’s been an easy adoption for the Houston-based organization, because Dottid truly makes Tanglewood employees’ work less cumbersome and more effective. “It’s easy to scan through deals in the morning and fine-tune the task list,” Dean explains. “Dottid helps keep us organized, with fewer mistakes. It helps us be more efficient.”

Tanglewood Still Has Room To Grow With Dottid

According to Dean, the goal is to have complete adoption of Dottid amongst the property management teams at Tanglewood, and to also leverage Dottid as the single source of truth for every deal. Doing this would help bridge the gap between departments even more, and would increase revenue quicker while saving time.

Tanglewood heard about Dottid, saw it as a solution to their existing issues, and ran with our platform, full speed. The impact that Dottid has had – and continues to have – on both their portfolio and their people is dynamic and positive. We’re confident that Tanglewood will grow stronger and more effective in their work – and, because of their employees’ willingness to actively engage and leverage our SaaS to the greatest of its functionalities.