‘It’s Bigger Than Us’: Black-owned Vegan Donut Company Cloudy Donut Seeks To Lift Up Fellow Black Entrepreneurs

When Derrick Faulcon acquired vegan donut company Donut Alliance in 2019, he renamed it Cloudy Donut because he believed eating the soft pastry felt “light and airy, like biting into a cloud.”

Like its predecessor, Cloudy Donut serves all-vegan recipes, which means using applesauce instead of eggs, no dairy, and no animal byproducts. They also bake all their donuts from scratch and in-house.

The company opened its first shop in 2020 on Harford Road on the edge of Baltimore’s Beverly Hills neighborhood, and they later expanded to a second location on Charles Street in Federal Hill in 2021. Their third shop will open its doors in two weeks in Brooklyn, New York.