On the Ball Ventures Welcomes CEO Laurie Sallarulo To Corporate Coaching Team

On the Ball Ventures, a leader in corporate coaching and sales training programs, today announced Laurie Sallarulo, CEO of Junior Achievement South Florida will join the training team to bring business clients another powerhouse coach with extraordinary background.

“Laurie is like family to us and will be an incredible addition to our team. Her expertise and vantage point will be invaluable to our clients,” said Marc Nudelberg, President of On the Ball Ventures, and author of Family, Football and Failure. “Laurie brings decades of leadership experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. She will bring diversity to our menu of services and growth to our strategy going forward.”

On the Ball coaching helps hundreds of leaders and teams across the nation grow by investing time, talent, and teaching. The company helps its clients focus on people and processes by reexamining priorities to improve pipeline development, modernizing sales processes, developing leadership skills and building memorable customer experiences. Laurie will allow On the Ball to expand its portfolio of teaching and bring more value and a unique perspective to clients.

“Building high performance teams is one of a leader’s greatest challenges. Today’s leaders must focus on coaching and teaching their teams, but also on continuously growing their leadership intelligence and wisdom to achieve success. Helping people learn and grow is a passion for me,” said Sallarulo. “This is an exciting opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with other leaders, while I continue my important work as CEO of Junior Achievement South Florida.”

Laurie’s expertise includes developing leaders and teams that take organizations from good to great, struggling to thriving. In the nonprofit sector as a CEO, she currently applies her business and relationship-building experience to building a strong organization that helps young people succeed. In the past, she has focused on creating leadership programs for mid-level and women leaders, something she is very passionate about. She is a thought-leader and innovative thinker who leads by example and focuses on results. This experience and expertise will be a huge asset in her new consultative role as executive coach and trainer at On the Ball Ventures.

At On the Ball, we are committed to providing a wide range of solutions for our clients. This is an ideal time for Laurie to be joining the team, as we will soon be expanding our training and coaching portfolio with a new robust series of programs for CEOs, middle management and emerging leaders to help them grow and propel their businesses.

About On the Ball Ventures
On the Ball was founded over twenty-five years ago. Starting out as a sports marketing company to a traditional marketing agency to business development resource. On the Ball helps you grow your business by investing time, talent and teaching. The company focuses on people, processes and priorities to improve pipeline development, modernize the sales process, help develop sales leadership, and build a culture that creates a memorable customer experience. Learn more at Ontheballventures.com.