GLO Pharma Promotes Vimla Black-Gupta to CEO of Ourself

GLO Pharma, the parent company of breakthrough subtopical skincare brand Ourself, today announces the promotion of Vimla Black-Gupta to CEO of Ourself. Black-Gupta, a co-founder of Ourself, currently serves as the brand’s President and sits on the board of GLO Pharma.

Ms. Black-Gupta is a seasoned beauty executive who brings over 25 years of leadership experience and business acumen to her newly expanded role as CEO. A former executive at The Estee Lauder Companies, Procter & Gamble, and Equinox, Ms. Black-Gupta’s entrepreneurial spirit drew her back into the startup world when she saw and seized the opportunity to create an entirely new category in the beauty market with Ourself, bridging the gap between traditional topicals and aesthetic procedures.

After beginning as CMO a mere 15 months ago, Ms. Black-Gupta was instrumental in driving Ourself’s go-to-market strategy and quickly captured consumer attention when the brand debuted in February 2022. She was able to understand and capitalize on the uniqueness of the brand’s technology platform and subsequent hero products, including the brand’s Lip Filler, which, as a result, has already sold out multiple times.

As president, she has been and continues to be instrumental in assembling an impressively credentialed Board of Directors for GLO Pharma and raising venture capital for Ourself, which is backed by over $40M in funding to date. Now, as CEO, Ms. Black-Gupta has plans to accelerate the brand into its next phase of high growth. This includes driving significant product expansion into new categories, with a solid roadmap of innovation on deck through 2024, and an aggressive retail strategy to further distribution.

“After spending 25 years in the beauty and wellness industry, I know firsthand that we are overdue for a revolution in skincare, and it’s finally here,” said Ms. Black-Gupta. “Ourself is defining a new category at the intersection of medical aesthetics and luxury skincare, with non-invasive technology that is easy to self administer at home. I am thrilled to be leading a brand that finally enables consumers to look and feel like the selves they love the most.”

Prior to joining GLO Pharma and Ourself, Ms. Black-Gupta served as Chief Marketing Officer of Equinox, where she oversaw the company’s global marketing strategy and developed unique campaigns that elevated its positioning. Prior, she spent 10 years at The Estee Lauder Companies and held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. There, she led product development and consumer and digital marketing strategy, growing the brand to a $1B business across 150 countries. She also spent a decade at Procter & Gamble, where she oversaw the strategic positioning and new product and category development for Gillette’s Venus brand as Global Marketing Director.

About Glo Pharma:

GLO Pharma is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing innovative approaches to beauty and aesthetics. It was founded in 2018 by Scott Glenn and Lauren Otsuki, innovators within the biotechnology space for over 20 years. Mr. Glenn and Ms. Otsuki previously founded and developed professional skincare companies Alastin Skincare and SkinMedica, along with numerous pharmaceutical companies aimed at solving some of the toughest medical issues in infertility, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. In 2022, Glo Pharma launched its first consumer brand, Ourself, as the first-ever Subtopical Skincare System™, bridging the gap between traditional skincare products and clinical procedures through the use of biotechnology.

About Ourself:

Ourself is the first-ever Subtopical Skincare System™, bridging the gap between traditional skincare products and clinical procedures through the use of biotechnology. Powered by Intides™, or intelligent peptides, and patent-pending delivery technology, the proprietary formulas are able to address the root cause of specific skincare concerns and visibly restore skin to its youthful state. No needles, no lasers, just Ourself.