IntelliProp Appoints John Spiers As CEO

Spiers to Lead Architectural Shift Aimed at Fundamentally Changing the Performance, Efficiency and Cost of Data Centers

LONGMONT, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IntelliProp, a leading innovator of composable data center transformation technology, today announced the appointment of John Spiers as Chief Executive Officer and President. Spiers, a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience pioneering breakthrough data center innovations and leading fast-growth organizations, will drive new CXL advances for the data center. He succeeds co-founder and long-time CEO Hiren Patel, who will serve the company as Chief Technology Officer.

“Composable infrastructure transformation is one of the hottest and most promising areas for game-changing advances in data center performance, efficiency and economics,” said John Spiers. “IntelliProp’s trailblazing approach to Compute Express Link (CXL) technology unlocks the memory bottleneck and enables next-generation performance and efficiency for AI and Machine Learning applications. IntelliProp’s technology will drive data center transformation and change the economics of data centers by substantially lowering capital costs and power requirements.”

Spiers brings a wealth of industry knowledge, deep product strategy expertise and a track record of strong leadership and success. He has co-founded numerous technology companies, including venture-backed LeftHand Networks, where he served as CTO and helped establish it as a market leader in virtualized, highly scalable Storage Area Networks, and NexGen Storage, where he served as CEO and led the company’s successful development and launch of the industry’s first Storage Area Network architected for flash memory. LeftHand Networks and NexGen Storage were strategically acquired by Hewlett Packard and Fusion-io, respectively. Most recently, Spiers has held top leadership roles across engineering, marketing, sales, and strategy for IT infrastructure providers, including Sandisk, Pivot3 and Liqid.

“IntelliProp’s incredibly talented engineering team has developed CXL-based products that provide a large technological and time-to-market advantage. I am excited to work with our customers, employees, partners, and investors to drive the next phase of IntelliProp’s innovation, growth and success. We are on a mission to bring these products to market,” added Spiers.

“We are thrilled to have John at the helm as we take the next step in our technology innovation and growth trajectory,” said Patel. “He recognizes the immense potential of CXL to boost performance, efficiency and sustainability while reducing overall system cost — and his technology expertise, tenacity and business acumen will be extremely valuable in driving our strategy forward.”

About IntelliProp

IntelliProp is a Colorado-based company founded in 1999 to provide ASIC design and verification services for the data storage and memory industry. Today, IntelliProp is leading the composable data center transformation, fundamentally changing the performance, efficiency and cost of data centers. IntelliProp continues to gain recognition as a leading expert in the data storage industry and actively participates in standards groups developing next-generation memory infrastructure.