Smart Soda And Refreshing USA Partner For Nationwide Distribution

Ready-To-Drink Offering to Launch in 60 Days

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smart Soda Holdings, one of the nation’s fastest growing healthy beverages brands, has signed a $3M investment and a strategic partnership with Refreshing USA, which includes nationwide fulfillment and distribution.

The partnership means Smart Soda has access to Refreshing USA’s branches in 44 locations. The Refreshing USA distribution network includes thousands of retail locations, convenience stores, micro markets, and more than 22,000 beverage vending machines. Refreshing USA expects to exceed record growth in 2022 and to greatly expand opportunities with Smart Soda.

This partnership makes Smart Soda available to strategic nationwide accounts and food service companies — supporting Smart Soda’s the massive expansion and distribution capabilities the company already have in place. “The market continues to seek healthier, functional beverage alternatives,” explained Lior Shafir, CEO of Smart Soda. “We couldn’t wish for a better partner to support our massive growth and our ready-to-drink launch coming in the next 60 days.” Smart Soda will unveil 9 all-natural flavored sparkling waters with better-for-you benefits, available in tall, slim cans — including Energy Focus, and Immunity beverages. The products will be available in vending machines and thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

“We’re excited to add Smart Soda to our portfolio,” Ryan Wear, Refreshing USA Managing Partner affirmed. “More and more clients are looking for healthier options. The real benefit of the Smart Soda products is that it’s not simply a healthier option, it tastes amazing and fits perfectly with our growth strategy. We have a dedicated both capital and personnel to place equipment. We believe that Smart Soda is a great fit for corporate offices, C-stores and universities.”

About Smart Soda

Smart Soda is a universe of functional beverages crafted with alkaline water serving up a wide-ranging flavor portfolio and offering dispensing options to the food service industry, c-stores, and workplaces. Presently, the company is Pre-IPO. Smart Soda has offices in the UK and Canada and is positioned for massive expansion — both globally and locally. Smart Soda works with fortune 500 companies such as 7-11, Sysco, Aramark, Uber, Citi Bank, and more.

About Refreshing USA

Refreshing USA is the country’s fastest growing convenience services company, established in 1996 with the goal of revolutionizing workplace refreshments. Refreshing USA is active in 44 states and expects to exceed $250 million in revenue in 2022.