Your 3rd Spot To Open Its First Location At The Works On Oct. 12

Technology-Driven Dining and Gaming Concept from Amp Up1 Hospitality is Designed for Making Connections and Social Interaction

Atlantans will enjoy an innovative new way to meet other people and socialize when Your 3rd Spot, a unique, technology-driven dining and gaming concept, opens its flagship first location in The Works development in Atlanta’s Upper Westside on Wednesday, Oct. 12. This forward-thinking concept from parent company Amp Up1 Hospitality blends the elements of a restaurant, bar, beer garden and social club in an inviting 26,000 square-foot space located in a revitalized historic industrial building.

Named after the concept of a “third place” after home and work, Your 3rd Spot is a place “to eat, drink and play, to gather with friends and make new ones and have that home away from home experience,” says co-founder and chief innovation officer Doug Warner. “Our goal is really all about making connections and building community.”

“People just don’t know how to meet each other these days,” says founder and chief vision officer Josh Rossmeisl. “What we’ve found is that people are forced to go on dating apps when they really just want to meet other people, whether it’s for friendship or networking or just getting to know the people in their community. Your 3rd Spot is basically a brick-and-mortar friend meetup spot that helps introduce guests to other people and connect over food, conversation, and games.”

Guests make those connections by way of the Match and Connect™ feature on the Your 3rd Spot app, which shows users other guests in the building they may get along with based on their game preferences and personality.

The app also allows users to order food and drinks and choose from more than 70 games, ranging from board games to bowling, shuffleboard, high-tech darts and a state-of-the-art curling experience played on synthetic ice with automatic projection-mapped scoring. “The curling is going to be huge,” says Rossmeisl. “We’re the first venue in North America and the fourth in the world to have this technology. Our team has curated really good games.”

In addition, the space features a retro-modern arcade stocked with classic and modern video games, an indoor cornhole arena featuring 10 cornhole boards, and a 4,000-square-foot patio for more outdoor-oriented activities accessed by large garage-style doors.

The menu, overseen by director of culinary innovation and Atlanta native chef Stuart Rogers (Aria, JCT Kitchen, The Optimist, Oak Steakhouse, Lyla Lila), showcases a global menu of shareable small plates that can be customized to fit the size of the party ordering them. The menu also features shareable cocktails to allow groups to experience new tastes together.

Cutting-edge technology is a key foundation of the Your 3rd Spot experience, between the app and plans involving the acceptance of cryptocurrency and establishing a vibrant presence in the Metaverse. Amp Up1 Hospitality also is planning nine additional locations across eight states and in Washington, D.C.

Your 3rd Spot is located at 400 Chattahoochee Row NW in The Works mixed-use development and is due to open on Oct. 12, 2022. For more information, please visit

About Your 3rd Spot

Your 3rd Spot is an innovative, vibe-forward social dining experience dedicated to connecting people and building community through the merging of technology and hospitality. A collection of 70+ social games, upscale small plates dining and craft beverages are paired with an “all-seasons” design to create an engaging, comfortable, sociable environment. Guests are encouraged to make new connections and strengthen existing ones by utilizing a proprietary app that facilitates a frictionless, personalized experience. The Match & Connect™ social meetup platform and a unique community membership program further encourage making and growing meaningful relationships. Where and how people spend their time is more important than ever. Your 3rd Spot is named after the concept of a “third place” after home and work—a social community to eat, drink and play.

About AMP Up1 Hospitality

AMP Up1 Hospitality was founded by a group of passionate hospitality industry leaders who are unified in the belief that gathering over great food, drink, and fun is an essential part of the human experience. Its diverse team has over 200 years in the dining and entertainment space with a track record for successfully building brands. Amp Up1 Hospitality believes that providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose is the key to building a motivated team that can, in turn, deliver incredible experiences to its guests.