Elder Research Extends Government Services Division Office Lease In Arlington, Virginia

Elder Research, Inc is a recognized leader in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence consulting. Represented by Edward Saa and Timothy Jacobs, Elder Research, extended their government services division office lease. Ethos took advantage of a tenant friendly market to negotiate an early lease renewal. They also conducted significant surveying of c-level executives, managers, and staff to plan and design Elder Research their new office space to address the challenges of a post COVID world.

Jeff Deal, Chief Operating Officer at Elder Research stressed to Saa and Jacobs “collaboration and engagement are difficult with virtual meetings. We needed to reconfigure our office space to foster innovation and collaboration while making our employees feel safe and eager to return to the office. The surveying of staff and planning by Ethos Tenant Company, allowed us to reimagine our physical footprint to facilitate more effective and efficient communication, collaboration, and innovation amongst our staff.”

Edward Saa explains “In response to the changes in people’s work lives brought on by COVID, we engaged a space planner to make changes and to create a more collaborative environment within Elder Research’s footprint. We also took advantage of the landlord’s eagerness to renegotiate Elder Research’s lease. By renegotiating the lease, years prior to its expiration, we were able to negotiate much more favorable terms. Doing nothing would have been a much more expensive choice. Renegotiating their lease early allowed them to save money but also gave them a unique opportunity to reimagine their office space. It was a big win all around. ”

Elder Research was started in 1995, by Dr. John Elder, to help clients solve some of their most complex and challenging business problems leveraging data science. At the center, John sought to build a team that truly put the needs of clients and employees first. Over the last 25 years, Elder Research has grown to a team of over 100 data scientists, engineers, and support staff who are deeply passionate about the craft, practice, and deployment of data science and machine learning solutions. We apply our craft to serve clients in the public and private sectors as well as domestically and internationally. Elder Research is built and continues to grow upon our five core behaviors: Humility, Teamwork, Leadership, Integrity, and Passion. Visit www.elderresearch.com

Ethos Tenant Co. is a boutique Washington D.C. metropolitan-based commercial real estate leasing agency that specializes in turnkey tenant representation solutions. Bringing their client’s unique ethos to life through office space and ultimately turning their offices lease into a business tool by creating experiential workplaces their companies thrive in. Saa and Jacobs have a combined 35 years of commercial real estate experience and proven track record. Visit www.ethostenantco.com.