The Republik Wakes Up Dilworth Coffee Packaging

In need of a brand identity refresh, Dilworth Coffee called on The Republik to give them a new look and a closer relationship with their ever-changing customer base, according to Robert Shaw West, CEO of the agency

In 1989, Dilworth introduced serious coffee to North Carolina, supplying small batch, ethically sourced coffee to independent shops and distributors alike. And as business grew over the next few decades, independent coffee shops relied on them for turnkey supplies, equipment and training. But greater distribution and retail presence didn’t translate to commensurate Dilworth Coffee brand awareness among consumers.

West explains the visual transformation, “With a 30-year anniversary as a reason for a change to take place, our job was to show the ‘newer is better’ coffee culture that Dilworth still had a lot of worthwhile coffee wisdom. So we channeled our inner ‘Dude’ to share the vibe.”

The result is a variety of Dilworth Coffee bags appearing in vintage images ranging from the circus, skiing, a haystack, cigarette boat and zebra racing.

Dilworth CEO Jeff Vojta commented, “This is the first time ever, our brand voice felt like it had been captured in a way that resonated with our customers while making us proud.”

Creative credits belong to:

  • Robert Shaw West – Chief Creative Officer
  • Matt Shapiro – Creative Director/Designer
  • Luke Rayson – Art Director
  • Neil Hinson – Copywriter
  • Dwayne Fry – Chief Strategic Officer
  • Mark Scoggins – Executive Producer

About Dilworth Coffee:

Don and Aylene Keen founded Dilworth Coffee in 1989. In 2010, Stockton Graham & Co. purchased wholesale roasting and distribution assets, and in 2016, the Dilworth Coffee trademark. Dilworth Coffee now has four locations: Fifth Third Center and South Park Mall in Charlotte, Plantation Market in Matthews and Coddle Creek in Concord. Stockton Graham & Co. licenses the brand, so each location is independently owned. More information here:

About The Republik, Raleigh, N.C.-based The Republik is an employee-owned advertising/branding agency. Other clients include Voltari (electric boat), Axolotl (surfacing), Happy Dirt (organic produce), Dilworth Coffee, and Regency Centers (shopping centers). More information: