Audacy’s First CTO on the ‘Ubiquitous’ Nature of Podcasts and New Tech Media

Sarah Foss, the first-ever CTO of Center City-based audio tech company Audacy, says that if it hasn’t already, technology will soon permeate every piece of media in the near future.

“Media is a way for us to be entertained, to be informed, to have important dialogue or sometimes just to hear the game while you’re walking the dog or making dinner,” Foss said. “Technology is truly the underpinning for a lot of what we’re doing here.”

Foss and Kevin Greenwald, Audacy’s VP of strategy, M&A and business development, talked about the future of the company’s tech strategy during a conversation at’s Developers Conference of Philly Tech Week 2022 presented by Comcast. The pair both previously worked in TV at Comcast, and called out a newer form of media — podcasts — as an influential market in the media space.