The Republik Assisting Harmony With Membership Drive

After creating a major rebrand for Harmony LGBT + Allied Chamber of Commerce that involved the logo and the name in an effort to better serve LGBT+ professionals, businesses, and allies in the eastern 50 counties of North Carolina, the organization called on The Republik to help them attract more members, according to Robert Shaw West, CEO of the agency.

West explains, “The Raleigh NCLGBT Chamber is transitioning from a gay men’s social club to a true chamber of commerce. They are now part of a nationally recognized organization NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) and cover the eastern half of North Carolina. They are more than Raleigh and they are definitely not only a social club. As part of the NGLCC for this area, they help provide LGBTBE certification to businesses at no additional cost. An important step in the right direction for our community and this nation.”

The Republik’s assignment was to create the message that ‘this chamber might be a good thing for me, my business and my friends’. The result is a series of images that will be appearing as poster, as well as on social, digital and in print through 2022.

Harmony President Kade Kimber said of the project, “Republik and their team did a wonderful job helping us rebrand and they were able again to help us tell our message of the advantages of being a member of Harmony. The Republik is an important part of our collaboration with the LBGT community.”

Creative Credits for the Project:

  • Client; Harmony LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce
  • Chief Creative Officer: Robert Shaw West
  • Creative Director: Matt Shapiro
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Dwayne Fry
  • Art Director: Matt Shapiro
  • Copywriter: Charles Fry
  • Executive Producer: Mark Scoggins
  • Logo Design: Logan Patterson

About Harmony: Formerly known as Raleigh Business and Professionals Network or RBPN, Harmony is an organization that caters to the LGBT+ and allied professional and business community located throughout the eastern half of North Carolina. They host various events for LGBT+ and allied professionals and business owners throughout the year, such as monthly socials and industry mixers, LGBT business certification workshops, quarterly dinners, virtual education sessions, and much more. More Info:

About The Republik, Raleigh, N.C.-based The Republik is an employee-owned advertising/branding agency. Other clients include Voltari (electric boat), Axolotl (surfacing), Happy Dirt (organic produce), Dilworth Coffee, and Regency Centers (shopping centers). More information: