Medical Optometry America Opens in Newtown Square, PA

Medical Optometry America, the first national Optometric brand focused exclusively on medical eye care, recently announced the opening of its next practice location at 3475 West Chester Pike in Newtown Square, PA. One of the leading Optometrists in southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware County native, Dr. Christopher J. Kuc, FAAO, serves as Medical Director for the new location.

MOA is committed to helping patients take a more proactive approach to their eye health by offering a new option for world class eye care close to home.

“Because most eye conditions and diseases develop without any noticeable symptoms until damage has already occurred, it’s important to have an annual medical eye exam to catch issues early on,” notes Dr. Kuc. “Even if you have perfect vision, eye problems could still be developing. There’s so much more to your eye health than just a prescription for glasses and we want patients to count on MOA as the other primary care doctor they need, specifically for their eyes.”

Americans have long understood the need for an annual physical from their primary care doctor, routine check-ups and cleanings from their dentist, and other regular health regimens such as mammograms and flu shots. Yet when it comes to the eyes, most have not made an annual medical eye exam part of their routine.

Beyond eye health, other serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and even many neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, can often be detected through a comprehensive eye exam.

“We are excited to bring this dynamic new eye care option to patients throughout the suburban Philadelphia market and are delighted to announce the addition of Dr. Kuc to lead MOA-Newtown Square,” said MOA CEO Ken Krieg. “At MOA, we’re committed to consistently delivering the highest level of non-surgical, medical eye care. Our roster of world-class Medical Optometrists have decades of experience and are fully equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology, enabling them to provide exceptional care.”

MOA selected Newtown Square for its next practice location due to continual strong population growth in the area and the proactive approach a large percentage of area residents take to maintaining good health and wellness.

“The need for non-surgical medical eye care is accelerating and yet most patients, their primary care physicians, and other health professionals, are not fully aware they can reliably access this high level of care from a highly-qualified medical Optometrist,” said Jim Thimons, OD, MOA’s Chief Medical Officer. “We are intent on sparking a culture change and inspiring patients to be more proactive about their eye health.”

MOA’s first practice location opened in early 2021 in York County, PA. Additional MOA practices are set to open later this year throughout the mid-Atlantic region with national expansion planned for the future. The success of MOA’s first location under the leadership of Dr. Leslie O’Dell, FAAO has shown how a medically focused Optometry practice provides value to patients and is a key part of a regional healthcare ecosystem.

Leading Medical Optometrist Heads Newtown Square Location
Dr. Kuc brings more than two decades of medical eye care experience to his role of Medical Director for MOA-Newtown Square. He grew up in the area and has practiced in suburban Philadelphia for most of his career. He specializes in the management of ocular disease including glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration. He graduated from Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry) and received three years of additional medical training from the world-renowned Ophthalmology team at Virginia Eye Consultants. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. Dr. Kuc is also the President of the Chester-Delaware Optometric Society and serves on the Pennsylvania Optometric Association Board of Trustees.

“My passion for medical eye care has continued to grow throughout my career in Optometry,” said Dr. Kuc. “I am grateful for the opportunity to join MOA to leverage the leading-edge resources they provide their doctors, which will allow me to offer outstanding medical eye care for patients throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.”

Advanced Technology, Emergency Care, and Clinical Research Set MOA Apart

All MOA practice locations offer a full suite of state-of-the-art technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all medical eye conditions, which allows MOA to elevate the eye care continuum and offer world-class care in local communities.

Each practice location also offers doctors on call 24/7 for emergency eye care treatment in person or via telehealth.

MOA has also become an emerging resource for pharmaceutical and medical device companies seeking partners for FDA and other Phase III and Phase IV clinical trials. This offers patients the opportunity to access new testing and treatment options early on. In its first year, MOA has successfully completed three clinical trials with more planned for the coming months.

New Model Based On Best Practices
MOA has created, trademarked, and copywritten an industry-leading set of best practices covering a wide range of non-surgical eye health conditions aimed at transforming total eye health. These guidelines represent the best of academic research and clinical practices and were developed via a collaborative effort between MOA’s Advisory Board, which is comprised of both Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, along with MOA’s Chief Medical Officer.

MOA best practices include standards for identifying, diagnosing, and treating medical eye diseases and conditions including, but not limited to:
– Dry Eye Disease
– Glaucoma
– Diabetic Eye Care
– Macular Degeneration
– Co-management of Cataract Surgery
– Emergency Eye Care

About Medical Optometry America
Medical Optometry America (MOA) helps preserve the beauty of sight by expanding access to high-quality medical eye care. Our medical optometrists have received extensive additional training and are committed to excellence in visual and ocular health. Their experience, supported by the advanced technology available at the MOA Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center, enables them to provide exceptional patient outcomes. With Medical Optometry America, you get the best of today’s leading medical science with personalized care from our primary eye care doctors.

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