American Civic Collaboration Awards “Civvys” Opens Call for Nominations

The fifth annual awards recognize projects reinvigorating democracy across America

The 2022 American Civic Collaboration Awards (Civvys) officially opened its call for nominations for its fifth annual awards celebrating partnerships that strengthen America.

Organized by leaders in the civic engagement and democracy renewal space, the Civvys are the only national awards program dedicated to celebrating projects that emphasize working together across divides to strengthen communities and empower citizens.

Civvys award categories include

  •   National: These projects are nationwide in scope and audience.
  •   Local: These projects are designed to serve a local, state or regional community.
  •   Youth: These projects have a focus on children, teenagers or young adults.

Civvys award criteria is as follows:

  •   Collaborative practices. To what extent does this work use civic collaboration best practices to achieve results? What groups, expertise or areas are they bringing together?
  •   Impact. Who has this work had an impact on, and in what ways?
  •   Scalability. Is this work something that can easily be expanded to have a greater impact? Is it something that can appeal across geographic regions, or be used to effect change in other civics topics or challenges?
  •   Equity and Inclusion. Does this initiative make strides toward creating a more just, equitable and inclusive America?
  •   In addition,the Civvys celebrates programs and people that:
  • Engage a representative and diverse set of stakeholders
  • Cultivate civility and mutual respect
  • Create meaningful shared goals for those involved, using the process of co-creation
  • Provide effective facilitation and supports dialogue throughout the process
  • Develop or utilize metrics to measure outcome

Nominees are evaluated by an esteemed review committee, composed of leaders in civic engagement, politics, research and community impact. The 2020 awards cycle saw the highest number of nominees, making for a competitive selection process — and demonstrating the growing breadth and depth of civic efforts happening across the nation.

The deadline for nominations is April 18, 2022. Self-nominations are welcome, and more than one project or organization can be submitted. Nominations for the 2022 Civvys can be submitted here. Previous Civvy award winners can be found here.

About the Civvys:

Now in its fifth year, the Civvys are the first national awards program that highlights best practices in civic collaboration and collective action that put community and nation before party, ideology and narrow interests. For more information, visit