Marché Health Secures $1M Seed Funding

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marché Health, a trusted source for empowering better decisions around digital health, today announced $1 million in seed funding from Pandion Optimization Alliance. This strategic investment will be instrumental in scaling Marché Health’s digital health marketplace to enable organizations to adopt resources needed for meeting the quadruple aim of better outcomes, improved patient experience, improved clinician experience and lower costs.

Sixty percent of U.S. adults have a chronic disease and these are the biggest contributors to the $3.5 trillion in annual healthcare costs. COVID-19 showed that many care plans can be enhanced through digital tools, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring, encouraging a flood of new solutions entering the market. The resulting confusion has delayed digital health adoption and hampered progress.

“Most of our members want to add digital tools that will enhance care and create efficiencies, but are unclear where to start,” said Travis Heider, President and CEO for Pandion Optimization Alliance. “Led by a recognized leader on the convergence of digital technologies and healthcare, Dr. Fombu, Marché Health will help organizations, including our extensive network, incorporate digital health in ways that deliver high-quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost. We are excited to support this company.”

Taking an independent view of the industry, Marché Health is creating a trusted digital health marketplace that infuses data with community engagement to educate, connect and empower individual stakeholders from across healthcare, including health systems, payers, biopharma and entrepreneurs. By removing bias toward any one stakeholder, the company can maintain a sophisticated, independent database of digital health products curated by industry experts.

“Pandion helps lower the cost of healthcare for group purchasing members, patients, and users alike,” said Dorothy Smith, Vice President of Corporate Development for Pandion Optimization Alliance. “Our members want to understand what digital health resources will be the best fit and help them achieve optimal outcomes. We look forward to working closely with the Marché Health team as they bring transparency to digital health.”

As a group purchasing organization (GPO), Pandion ensures hospitals receive the products and services needed across all care settings. The company is also a strategic partner and certified sponsor of Premier, Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company working with more than 4,100 hospitals and health systems. Today’s funding will fuel Marché Health’s growth as it scales its team and marketplace to meet industry demand.

“One-sided, disjointed information around digital health has created friction and obstructed adoption,” said Dr. Manny Fombu, Founder of Marché Health. “Marché Health will simplify access to global digital innovation that improves care for everyone while lowering costs. Pandion’s investment validates Marché Health’s approach to providing a trusted marketplace dedicated to digital health so that hospitals, pharma, payers and vendors can all learn from each other and discover the optimal resources that will transform care.”

About Pandion Optimization Alliance

Pandion is a pioneer in the Group Purchasing industry with over 6,000 members nationwide that represent a combined purchasing volume of over $62B. Bringing like-minded organizations together to leverage their collective strength and develop mutually beneficial relationships, its companies’ collective efforts focus on providing high quality care in the right setting at the right time and at the lowest possible price. Other business arms include Pandion Consulting and Pandion Sourcing & Purchasing, a group purchasing organization which is a niche regional purchasing group as well as a national purchasing offering as an owner of Premier Inc. For more information visit,

About Marché Health, Inc.

Marché Health is the world’s leading digital health and health IT software and services review platform. Until now, selecting digital health and health IT tools was confusing, difficult, tricky and intrinsically biased. The Marché Marketplace aligns business intelligence and decision makers from organizations across healthcare, including health systems, payers, biopharma, entrepreneurs and investors. This helps stakeholders objectively assess what is best for their organization, improve efficiency and facilitate the adoption of value-based healthcare. For more information, please visit us on TwitterLinkedIn and at