Jon Zacharias Releases Guide on How to Turn Influencers Into Blogging Weapons

Upgrade your arsenal and give your clients direct access to their customers

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blogging is an often underrated form of influencer marketing, as most brands flock to social media to pay for and promote their content. But do these promotions really generate a faithful connection, and how often are they actually surfaced on the feed of a potential customer? Jon Zacharias, founder of GR0 marketing agency, is releasing some of his tried-and-true wisdom about how to best work influencers and why it’s important to get your brand promoted on more than just an infinite content feed. All of this advice is based on his years of experience working with dozens of various clients and influencers in any industry.

According to Zacharias, over 40 percent of internet users utilize ad blocking technology, meaning that your promoted posts and banner ads are likely going to miss a lot of people. Additionally, a report from BigCommerce found that a pitiful one percent of millennials have trust in advertisements, compared to the one-third who trust blog reviews. Because of this it’s important to not overlook the value of marketing via a blog, specifically that of an influencer who will carry more sway with a customer than any brand will. You could of course consider sponsoring any influencer’s social content, but it is less likely to have any lasting impact as it exists within an endless scroll of your customer’s feed. Visiting a blog and opting to read an article is a commitment, and is something that requires an audience’s full attention, meaning distractions are minimal and connections are more likely to be made.

For Jon Zacharias, the most important bargaining chip any agency can offer to an influencer is the support of their network and of course monetary compensation. Influencers are likely to be very business-oriented individuals who live for the hustle, and are always willing to talk business and make a deal wherever possible. So, in approaching them you don’t have to hide your intentions, but instead it’s important to lead with how you can benefit them in their own personal brand and show them how well you two can be aligned. It’s important to consider if the influencer has done sponsored work before, and if not to ease your introduction and not lead with requesting a sponsorship. For some, the proposition can be seen as “selling out,” and you should be sure to demonstrate that you’re seeking a mutually beneficial partnership rather than just to throw money at them and then walk away. Once your value proposition has been made, then you can discuss what your own objectives are, and how you can best integrate yourself within their content.

There are several viable content strategies that can offer great value for yourself and your brand. With GR0 marketing agency, Zacharias has found three of these work particularly well: guest posts, sponsored posts, or mentions. For a guest post your agency will craft the writer a piece of content that will entertain and delight their audience as they typically do, while also including a branded backlink that redirects back to your site. This can be equally beneficial to both your agency and the influencer, as strong backlinks are one of the top search engine ranking factors and will work to increase the visibility of both parties. Additionally this provides great value to the blogger in the form of free content to post on their feed, and a different style of writing to engage the audience. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with taking a more explicit advertorial approach, in which you directly offer compensation to the blogger to talk directly about your client or brand. This is best thought of as an extension of the traditional advertisement, but one that leverages the trustworthy name and platform of the influencer while avoiding ad blockers and cluttered content feeds. Finally, you can also suggest for them to offer mentions for your clients or brands among a review or list they create, so that you can ensure a backlink for yourself. In turn you can easily offer the influencer free or discounted products, exclusive access to your client, or other benefits that they may request.

Jon Zacharias has spent years working in digital marketing and advertising, and his latest venture GR0 is clear proof of that. He currently works with influencers across all sects to provide meaningful relationships between his clients and their potential audiences, and is constantly working to grow his portfolio. With over 30 employees, GR0 works to help brands improve their SEO rankings on Google and create quality online engagement between them and their customers.


Media Contact: Gerald Lombardo