Mango Capital Announces Merger Partner Pursuit

FAR HILLS, N.J., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mango Capital, Inc. (OTC:  MCAP) announced today that the Board of Directors has decided to seek a merger partner. Using the real estate and cash on its balance sheet, coupled with its public company status, Mango believes that a combination with an existing operating business is in the best interests of MCAP shareholders.

Mango will be opportunistic with regard to the merger partner’s industry, so long as the integration generates value for its shareholders.

About Mango Capital, Inc.

Mango Capital Inc. is a real estate holding company specializing in acquiring undervalued American land in promising markets. MCAP recently announced the acquisition of hundreds of real estate properties in Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico. The company seeks to merge with an existing operating business on terms which are beneficial to its shareholders.

For additional information about Mango, contact Brooke Pagano, Public Relations, Mango Capital, Inc., at (845) 270-5792.

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