Shabu Works Steps into the Future with New Robot Server

The Restaurant Welcomes its Newest Employee, Mr. Shoboto 

Shabu Works invites San Diego locals and visitors alike to experience the future. Located in Mira Mesa, guest can enjoy “All You Can Eat” Shabu-Shabu, a traditional Japanese style of hot pot dining. We are living in the future as Shabu Works onboards its newest employee, Mr. Shoboto, an automated, robot waiter, to help serve tables around the restaurant. This robot-server is a key development in Shabu Works’ emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic, as they continue to lead the food-service industry with cutting edge robotics.

At Shabu Works, guests can sink their teeth into comfort done right. Their buffet style set-up allows diners to customize their hot pot creations with an array of fresh ingredients including signature Flavor Bomb sauces, homemade broth bases, handmade noodles, their choice of protein and seasonal vegetables. Menu items include prime meat selections, such as Grass-fed Australian Lamb and USDA Choice Wagyu Beef.

Guest can place an order with their server and then experience Mr. Shoboto bringing out their chosen meat selections. The robot wheels to your table with your meat order while playing upbeat music to enjoy while you eat. Prepare to be amazed as Mr. Shoboto jumps into action. This is the first ever robot server to touch down at Shabu Works, but Mr. Shoboto is making an instant impact.

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About Shabu Works:

Shabu Works invites San Diego locals and visitors to experience All You Can Eat Shabu-Shabu, a traditional Japanese style of hot pot dining. We are family-owned and operated and dedicated to serving quality Shabu-Shabu alongside memorable service. Shabu-shabu, a style of Japanese hot pot, translates to “swish-swish,” referencing the fact that thin slices of meat need only be lightly swished in boiling broth to cook. Shabu Works is best known for its all-you-can-eat hot pot format and menu favorites include a variety of savory soup broths and premium protein selections such as Lamb Shoulder and US Wagyu Beef, alongside fresh vegetables, handmade noodles and signature ‘flavor bomb’ sauces for the ultimate hot pot creation. Shabu Works offers guests a complete dining experience with savory hot pot selections, cold and hot sides and an interactive Bingsu Snow Bar for dessert. Located in Mira Mesa, Shabu Works is open Monday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.