SeventySix Capital Invests in Challenger

Challenger, an on-demand video game wagering platform, announced today that it received a strategic investment from SeventySix Capital, Revel and Acies Acquisitions.

Challenger is an online platform that provides a new way for casual gamers to wager with real money against other players on their favorite video games. Challenger’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for gamers of all skill levels to compete for real money in esports, offering a unique on-demand approach for video gamers to compete for cash on major game titles.

Challenger’s technology automatically monitors a gamer’s gameplay and translates the video into data used for contest outcomes and behavioral insights. Challenger uses its patented AI technology to enhance the video gaming experience with cash contests and is capable of supporting any game through a proprietary mix of deep and machine learning methodologies. Challenger will be expanding support to XBOX and PlayStation consoles along with introducing its skill-based contests to multiple new game titles.

“The mass market of video game players still have no option to participate in skill-based contests at scale,” said Challenger CEO and Founder Chris Slovak. “In North America and Europe alone, there are more than 300 million gamers over the age of 18 who play regularly and have no solution to complement their gaming experience with cash-based contests. Challenger was launched to overcome this problem.”

The investment round is led by industry-leading sports tech venture capital company SeventySix Capital, which invests in game-changing esports, sports betting, and sports technology companies. “Challenger autonomously supports cash contests on esports,” SeventySix Capital Managing Partner Wayne Kimmel commented. “The company, led by Chris Slovak and Chris Andres, is positioned to have the most unique and expansive dataset on gamer behaviors, as it expands to cross-platform, cross-game, and cross-studio esports wagering.”

About Challenger

Challenger is a technology company that specializes in creating a secure and trusted service for video gamers to play their favorite games with skill-based cash wagering. Unlike other tournament platforms, Challenger doesn’t require 1v1 or scheduled play. The Challenger app detects when other users are available, tracks scores and outcomes, and automatically transfers the wager between players. For more information, please go to

About SeventySix Capital

SeventySix Capital is a sports-focused venture capital company that has been building sports technology companies for over two decades and leverages that experience through its Sports Advisory consulting group. SeventySix Capital also has its Athlete Venture Group, which allows current and former players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports startups and entrepreneurs. To learn more about SeventySix Capital, please visit