Mike Denning Joins SecureG as CEO

SecureG, Inc. the Digital Trust Broker for 5G and beyond, today announced that cybersecurity industry veteran Mike Denning has joined the company as CEO. Denning comes to SecureG with over two decades in information technology, including tenures at Verizon, Verisign and CA, and most recently as a partner at Blu Ventures Investments, where he led the firm’s cyber-investment and cyber-funding investment practices.

SecureG is bringing Zero Trust to 5G. 5G networking presents new opportunities but also daunting challenges to securing end-to-end network integrity and communications. Building on enhanced PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), SecureG’s mission enables truly secure and trustworthy communications for the 5G ecosystem.

“Mike’s cross-industry, public and private sector experience spans security, telecom and federal government. areas that are essential for SecureG acceleration,” commented Charles Clancy, MITRE senior vice president and general manager, MITRE Labs and SecureG board chair. “He is the ideal leader for SecureG to catalyze the opportunities that lie in 5G security for network infrastructure, Industry 4.0, the U.S. government.”

“We brought Mike on board to execute a deep collaboration with DoD and the wireless industry,” declared Dendy Young, Managing Partner at McLean Capital and SecureG board member. “Mike’s experience with leading carriers and innovative cybersecurity companies gives him a unique perspective on the inner workings of these companies and into the challenges facing 5G security implementation.”

“I was drawn to SecureG by the company’s position as the digital trust broker implementing Zero Trust in 5G networks and connected Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT,” Mike Denning remarked. “The promise of 5G lies in the use cases, game-changers that will occur in every industry, not just communications and information technology. One thing is clear, 5G must be trustworthy and secure to support the myriad applications and technologies that will depend on it.”

More About Mike
Mike served most recently as a partner at Blu Ventures Investors, where he chaired the Cyber Investment committee and led early investments in seven cybersecurity-focused companies. Mike spent the last 20 years in the IT security industry, including tenures as VP of Global Security for Verizon Enterprise, as SVP General Manager of the security business unit for CA Technologies, and two different security-focused business units for VeriSign.

About SecureG
SecureG is bringing Zero Trust to 5G. With its perimeter-less, edge-centric architecture that spans carriers and continents, 5G presents new and daunting challenges to securing system integrity and user communications. By building on enhanced PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), deployed as a service (PKIaaS), SecureG offers the 5G ecosystem a model for strict authentication with continuous real-time validation of the network routing.

Based in Northern Virginia, SecureG is a full lifecycle PKIaaS provider. Distinct from traditional CAs and other PKIaaS providers, SecureG satisfies stringent trust requirements, with solutions designed to meet the highest level of protection, certified and audited to meet sector-specific and global footprints.

For additional information, visit https://secureg.io/