Forman Ford Becomes First Iowa Glazing Contractor to Earn North American Contractor Certification

Forman Ford, a leading Midwest glazing contractor headquartered in Cedar Rapids, has become the first in Iowa to earn North American Contractor Certification (NACC). NACC is an ANSI-accredited, award-winning certification that requires architectural glass and metal contractors to adopt standard best practices not only for glazing quality and construction safety but also for business operations. By attaining NACC, Forman Ford demonstrated its commitment to processes and procedures that consistently deliver high quality project results.

“Initially, I was interested in finding a resource that could separate quality contractors from the masses,” said Forman Ford Executive Vice President Kurk Rogers. “As I experienced the process, I realized NACC would make us a much better business.”

Rogers and Forman Ford Director of Fabrication and Engineering Joe Kalisz partnered with NACC administrators over six months to undergo a series of rigorous assessments and implement standard written documents including a quality management system (QMS). The company’s certification became effective December 15, 2021.

“We didn’t have any preconceived notions,” explained Kalisz. “The assessment opened our eyes to where we needed to document, to be better at holding people accountable, and to implement checks and balances. Quality needs to be everybody’s mindset. And we’re already more quality conscious. There’s a tremendous amount of pride throughout our organization after becoming certified.”

Forman Ford leadership admit the NACC process encouraged them to implement new quality control methods in both the manufacturing facility and the field. To maintain certification, Forman Ford will be reevaluated annually to confirm its business and glazing practices remain at the high standards NACC requires.

Glazing contractors can earn the NACC credential in one or more of six operational categories based on the company’s focus of work. Forman Ford earned NACC in all six categories: interior and entry systems, building envelope low-rise, building envelope high-rise, active glass, guardrails, and service work.

According to NACC Program Administrator Jeff Dalaba, “NACC recognizes contractors that utilize industry best practices for installation, giving peace of mind to building owners, design professionals, general contractors, and insurers. NACC reduces stakeholder risk by providing verified evidence of a contractor’s adherence to the highest industry standards and best business practices.”

Certified contractors report improved and better controlled processes, reduced waste, fewer mistakes, lower costs, improved training, and more engaged staff because of the NACC program. Since its 2015 launch, NACC has gained industry acceptance for raising the bar of quality, with 47certified contractors now located in 16 states and Canada. At least 20 contractors are already undergoing the process to become certified in 2022. 

About Forman Ford

Forman Ford is a Midwest glazing contractor that fabricates and installs architectural glass, metal panels, and other building envelope systems for commercial, education, government, transit, and hospitality clients. The company offers full contract services including design-build and preconstruction support and in-house estimating, drafting, and engineering, as well as a 40,000-sf manufacturing facility. Forman Ford is currently providing unitized curtain wall for the new Des Moines Federal Courthouse. For additional information, visit

About NACC

The North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program recognizes contractors who demonstrate consistency, quality, and safety excellence. The credential is much more than an arbitrary award; it is a third-party endorsement of companies having completed a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process. NACC earned the 2020 International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI) Gary E. Bird Horizon Award for demonstrated commitment to improving construction risk management. NACC was created with input and guidance from glazing, design, and construction industry experts. The program is managed and administered by an independent third-party organization, Administrative Management Systems, Inc., and sponsored by the Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council (AGMCC), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, public benefit organization. For additional information, visit