PlannerDAO Announces The Crossroads, The Financial Planning Industry’s First Decentralized Conference

The Crossroads will reimagine the financial services conference model, introducing a modern and collaborative model for future industry events.

PlannerDAO, a decentralized community of financial planners promoting economic freedom, universal fiduciary standards and permissionless access to financial services, today announces The Crossroads, the first decentralized event for financial advisors. The conference, which will take place at Hotel Phillips Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri from April 25th to 26th, 2022, will focus on decentralized finance, the digital shift and the future of the profession.

The Crossroads eliminates extraneous layers between financial planning practices and the resources they value. This conference model allows attendees to utilize and share knowledge and creativity through workshops while spending their time and tokens on the resources they value most.

“The financial planning profession is clearly at a crossroads,” said Adam Blumberg, co-founder of PlannerDAO. “The gap between traditional ways and digital adoption is widening, and the PlannerDAO community wants to facilitate conversations and solutions around where this digital shift is taking us. Attendees have the opportunity to collaborate with other members on this topic as the world of decentralized finance, digital assets and blockchain technology continues to impact our profession.”

PlannerDAO, which recently surged to 700 members, announces this conference following the launch of the PlannerDAO Digital Asset Opportunity Index (PDAO). PlannerDAO is also behind the Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) designation, the only community-owned designation in the financial services industry. The Crossroads conference represents the community’s latest initiative toward its mission to democratize access to wealth-building strategies around the globe.

“PlannerDAO doesn’t want to eliminate the way anyone does business; we simply want more options,” said Steve Larsen, CPA, CFP®, co-founder of PlannerDAO. “Traditional finance sees the digital asset space as a new way to package the same old stuff. That goes against the very ethos of decentralization. We want to show the planning community that the benefits of access, opportunity and ownership can be realized at a conference, too.”

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About PlannerDAO: PlannerDAO is a decentralized community of financial planners promoting economic freedom, universal fiduciary standards, and permissionless access to financial services. To learn more about PlannerDAO, please visit Follow PlannerDAO on Twitter at @PlannerDAO.