Rudin’s COO John Gilbert to Step Down

Rudin Management Company announced today that John Gilbert, its long-serving Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, is stepping down to focus full-time on his role as Executive Chair of Prescriptive Data, the growing and award-winning PropTech company he co-founded in 2015.

Gilbert was Rudin’s first Chief Operating Officer and has also served as Chief Technology Officer throughout his 29 years at the firm. Over that time, he was recognized as a national thought leader in the areas of real estate sustainability and the integration of technology into the built environment. His determination to provide more intelligent building management technology solutions to the wider industry, and his dedication to promoting sustainability in the real estate industry, led to the creation of Prescriptive Data, with Rudin Management serving as the company’s initial customer.

Gilbert was instrumental in the early development of Prescriptive Data’s flagship product, Nantum OS, a smart building operating system that extracts and consolidates live data from building systems, external data providers, and third-party Internet of Things (IoT) solutions into a secure cloud environment.

The Nantum OS platform is currently used across tens of millions of square feet of commercial real estate throughout North America by top-tier real estate owners and operators, as well as leading enterprise owners, occupiers, financial institutions, insurance companies and accounting firms.  In collaboration with these customers, Prescriptive Data has grown its core research capabilities and furthered the state of the art in building and sustainability sciences. To support its efforts, Prescriptive Data has expanded its professional team from four to 40 employees and seeks to dramatically expand its ranks further in 2022.

“It has been a blessing to have helped run the greatest real estate company in the most amazing city on the face of the planet for nearly three decades,” said John Gilbert. “When I was first hired, I was told that I would be taught the ‘Rudin way’ of doing business, its ethos and culture, and some day way off in the future help its transition to the next generation. That day has come. I am eternally grateful to Jack, Lew, Bill, Eric, Beth, Madeleine, Samantha, Michael and the entire Rudin Family for their support and trust.”

“Prescriptive Data’s existence and success is owed in large part to John Gilbert and his dedication to innovation and sustainability in the real estate industry,” said Sonu Panda, CEO of Prescriptive Data. “We are thrilled that John will now be able to focus his full attention on our continued growth, the development of new products, and global industry thought leadership.”

“It has been our privilege and honor to work side-by-side with John these past three decades. He has left an indelible mark on our company, and we are deeply grateful for his years of service, dedication, friendship, and loyalty to our family and the entire Rudin team,” said Eric Rudin, Co-Chair and President of Rudin Management Company. “Together we have maintained, evolved, and expanded the Rudin way of doing business handed down from Sam, Jack and Lew, continued to grow our portfolio and led the way on sustainability and integration of technology.”

“During his tenure, John was at the core of some of our most transformative and groundbreaking projects, including the redevelopment and creation of the world’s first smart building at 55 Broad Street; the development of the Reuters Building at 3 Times Square; the repositioning of the former AT&T Long Lines Building at 32 Avenue of the Americas; the redevelopment of 130 West 12th Street; and our two most recent developments The Greenwich Lane and Dock 72,” said Bill Rudin, Co-Chair and CEO of Rudin Management Company. “In addition to his work on Prescriptive Data, John has also been a key member and principal of the Rudin Ventures team, our alternative investment platform.”

The transition will be effective on February 1, 2022 though Gilbert will serve as a strategic advisor to Rudin on various ongoing initiatives and activities tied to sustainability, technology, and Rudin Ventures.

About Rudin Management Company

Rudin Management Company is a full service real estate organization managing the interests of the Rudin Family, which owns and operates one of the largest privately held real estate portfolios in New York City. Among its real estate holdings, which includes the high-tech Dock 72 office tower at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, are 16 commercial office buildings containing approximately 10.5 million square feet of space and 17 apartment buildings comprising over four million square feet of residences. For more information about Rudin Management Company, please visit

About Prescriptive Data

Established in 2015, Prescriptive Data is a privately held smart building and climate technology company based in NYC, focused on the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence as applied to built spaces of any and all types, globally. Prescriptive Data’s suite of cloud-based applications is available for sustainability leaders and asset managers, building owners and operators, as well as corporate tenants and enterprise owner / occupiers developing sustainability strategies and driving towards Carbon Net Zero.

Prescriptive Data’s mission is to become the de facto Building Operating System vendor by optimizing the built environment, replenishing the earth and enriching the human experience. Nantum OS, Prescriptive Data’s flagship product, analyzes data from disparate building systems (including BMS, utility & power quality meters, and access control) and combines this with data from third-party sources (such as weather, occupancy, and IoT sensors) unlocks correlated trends in order to prescribe operational adjustments in real-time that improve building performance and attract and retain tenants, all while increasing NOI, boosting asset values, , and dramatically reduce carbon footprint.