Ecommerce Brands Secures $40 Million Investment

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ecommerce Brands, a consumer brand aggregator, today announced it has raised a $40 million investment, with $10 million in equity led by Bearing Ventures, and $30 million in debt. 

The new raise will be used to acquire and integrate direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands on the platform. is the leading platform around end-to-end ecommerce-as-a-service capabilities (eCaaS) and will enable Ecommerce Brands to expand the acquired DTC brands into marketplaces through its powerful multi-channel capabilities. This multi-channel expansion strategy uniquely positions Ecommerce Brands to maximize growth for its portfolio of companies with the “Commerce Everywhere” approach.

Brands individually have difficulty competing against larger retailers and marketplaces because they lack a fully integrated infrastructure, stymieing their ability to scale operations and technology efficiently. Ecommerce Brands plans to acquire these brands, integrate them on to a vertically integrated platform through and grow them to new levels in revenue and profitability. Historically, this could have only been done on marketplaces, which has fueled billions of dollars of investment in marketplace aggregators. With the help of, brands can now be aggregated effectively and profitably on the DTC side.

Since September 2021, Ecommerce Brands has acquired five brands, catapulting its annual gross sales to more than $150 million. The company has assembled a team of DTC and marketplace experts with decades of experience growing online retailers including Home Depot and Wayfair. The company plans to aggregate many more promising brands that can plug into the offering to achieve meaningful scale faster and more cost efficiently than they could on their own.

“With our team’s domain expertise and the infrastructure we have in place with, we are confident we offer business owners the most compelling option for scaling their brand’s reach and revenue,” said Mark Bickenbach, founder and CEO of Ecommerce Brands. “By freeing operators from the headaches and complexity of backend operations and fulfillment, we are helping them refocus their time and effort on servicing their customers, ultimately adding more value with a better experience.”

About Ecommerce Brands
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Ecommerce Brands is a new breed of e-commerce aggregator that acquires powerful brands and helps them realize their potential across all channels, scale their operations, and lead their industries. For more information, visit: