W Ventures Announces New Portfolio Company, Celcy

W Ventures, a one-of-a-kind VC and accelerator company, today announced the addition of Celcy to its growing portfolio. The Baltimore-based smart appliance company, which is revolutionizing how we indulge in restaurant-quality meals at home, received a six-figure cash investment as well as marketing communications services valued at six figures in exchange for equity.

In effort to help busy people avoid the time commitment of meal preparation, the expense and bad experience of food delivery services, and the poor quality of microwave meals, Celcy created the kitchen robot as a remote and hassle-free cooking solution. With prior roles as a NASA subcontractor engineer and a cybersecurity expert – as well as twenty years of combined experience and four degrees from Johns Hopkins University – Celcy Founders Maxwell Wieder and Edward Holzinger are highly accomplished engineering, technology and software experts.

Celcy is an appliance that makes the traditional meal preparation and cooking process obsolete.As the only at-home cooking solution that doesn’t require you to be physically present at some stage of the food prep process, Celcy enables you to store and cook meals anytime, anywhere, with no active cooking required. The kitchen robot is engineered so you canpre-order gourmet entrees and desserts to your home; store in the temperature-controlledCelcy until ready to eat; when you’re hungry, select a meal and desired time to feast;and instruct Celcyto unpack and cook the meal to perfection – all coordinated through the mobile app. From there, you don’t have to do anything else other than indulge.

In addition to avoidingthe time-consuming food prep and cleanup process, Celcyprovides a better experience than food delivery services, such as GrubHub or UberEats—with lower costs, no fees, less wait time, no errors in your food orders and no cold food. Saving you an estimated eight hours per week on meal prep, this new approach of refinedmeals on demand is perfect for single-occupant households, young and busy professionals, families with young children, teenagers or ageing parents, hotels that need an instant in-room amenity, and assisted living facilities that wish to grant their residents ways to regain their independence.

Whether vegan or vegetarian, or just a picky eater, you will be guaranteed to find an appealing menu on the Celcy distribution platform. Celcy’s platform will encourage meal variety byfeaturingmany allergy and diet-friendly options. The hassle-free cooking solution is set to formally launch in the fall or winter of 2022.

W Ventures, in partnership with its sister company Warschawski, a full-service marketing communications agency, will implement a variety of integrated marketing and communications strategies, ranging from traditional media relations and branding efforts to digital advertising and social media strategy, in order to enhance national media exposure and increase consumer-focused brand awareness. W Ventures and Warschawski are currently working on a full rebrand of the company, recently determining a new name and developing a new logo, to support its continued growth.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Celcy’s talented team of innovators and the addition of the company to our growing portfolio of industry-disruptingbrands. Celcyallows anyone to indulge in restaurant-quality meals without lifting a finger – whether that means waking up to a warm gourmet breakfast or returning home after a long day of work to slow-cooked short ribs,” said David Warschawski, managing partner of W Ventures. “More than just a solutions-oriented, industry-changing company, Celcy and itssmart appliance offers a method of remote and hassle-free cooking that empowers consumers to be fun-loving, take control of personal wellness and cherish quality family time – all while enjoying delicious, high-quality meals at a fraction of the cost of eating at restaurants or ordering food delivery.”

Maxwell Wieder, co-founder & CEO of Celcy, added, “Weare very excited about our partnership with W Ventures and Warschawski, and the supportthey already have and will continue to provide to help us develop our brand and scale our business. Working with one of the nation’s leading full-suite marketing agencies, as well as the seasoned expertsat W Ventures, whether regarding marketing and branding tactics orbusiness development and strategy advice, has already been invaluable to our business and future success.”

W Ventures accepts applications from startup founders on a rolling basis. Portfolio companies receive access to its network of angel and VC investors, as well as business and subject matter experts who can assist in refining every aspect of their offerings. The company provides either cash investments and/or marketing communications services in exchange for equity and offers beautiful office space and living quarters for executives. Additionally, W Ventures often works with its extensive network to share investment opportunities with other potential investors and to engage expert feedback on potential investments.

For additional information on W Ventures or to schedule an interview with David Warschawski, please contact Carson Denbow at [email protected]. For information on eligibility criteria and how to apply, founders should visit https://wventuresllc.com/.

About W Ventures

W Venturesis a one-of-a-kind accelerator that combines three elements: the ability to do marketing communications work in exchange for equity, the financial backing and connections of a VC firm, and a beautiful incubator workspace and living quarters for its founders. W Ventures focuses on high growth potential companies based in or willing to relocate to or co-headquarter in the Baltimore/Washington region. For information on eligibility criteria and how to apply, founders should visit https://wventuresllc.com/.

About Warschawski

Warschawski is a national, fully integrated agency and a Google Certified Agency Partner that offers the following services under one roof: Advertising, Digital, PR, Branding, Marketing Creative Design, Web Development, Social Media and Crisis Communications. Warschawski delivers the experience and expertise of a large firm coupled with the personalized attention and care of a boutique agency. Warschawski has been named the “U.S. Small Agency of the Year” for 3 years in a row and for 10 consecutive years has been ranked one of the top 30 “Best Agencies to Work For.” The company, whose clients include Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies, has won more than 200 awards for its marketing communications work in 15 years. Warschawski was founded in 1996 and has offices in New York, Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

About Celcy

Celcy is your new personal chef, the on-demand kitchen robot that counterintuitively encourages you to stop cooking in order to prepare gourmet, restaurant-style meals. Using engineered, patent-pending technology, Celcy allows you to store and perfectly cook meals from wherever you are with no cooking or meal prep participation required. The smart appliance will move your meal from its freezer to the oven and cook on its own by control of a mobile application. In addition to providing a good experience and time-saving solution to food delivery services, Celcy is user-friendly, and will utilize user habits and preferences in order to make meal suggestions and automatically reorder meals. Founded by a NASA subcontractor engineer and cybersecurity expert with expertise in hardware and software systems engineering, data analytics and cyber security, Celcyis revolutionizing how we indulge in restaurant-quality meals at home, saving us valuable time and effort in our busy lives so that you can be fun-loving, life-loving, and a little cheeky. To learn more about Celcy, visit www.celcy.com.