Tradepoint Atlantic Event Photos

Business and government leaders from the Baltimore region joined a panel discussion on Maryland’s offshore wind energy initiatives hosted by Arnold Packaging at their new facilities in Tradepoint Atlantic.

Once the home of Bethlehem Steel’s manufacturing operations, Tradepoint Atlantic’s 3,300-acre sit has been transformed today into a thriving distribution center. The site houses sprawling fulfillment warehouses for Amazon and has become a distribution hub for FedEx, Under Armour, Home Depot and BMW.

(L-R): Mick Arnold, President, Arnold Packaging

(L-R):  Tricia Smack, Sales Manager, Strategic Factory; Brent Betts, Business Development Executive, Strategic Factory; Shanita Grave, Baltimore City Schools; Barbara Dziedzic, Work Based Learning Specialist, Baltimore City Schools

(L-R): Bobby Cardoni, Business Development and Events Manager, Strategic Factory; Andrew Sherman, CEO, American Bully Manufacturing

(L-R): Ed Mullin, CIO and Vice President, Think; Elizabeth Hines, Vice President, Maritime Applied Physics Corporation; Teaera Strum, COO, Strum Contracting Co.

(L-R): Gregory Stone, Partner, Whitford, Taylor & Preston; and Todd Sabin, Manufacturing Program Manager, Maryland Department of Commerce