The Basketball League Is First Professional League To Make Aviv Its Official League Net

Aviv is First-Ever Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking Basketball Net

Aviv, a new sports equipment innovation company, and The Basketball League, a North American minor league professional basketball organization, today announced a strategic partnership in which Aviv will be the exclusive provider of basketball nets to TBL. The innovative partnership leverages the respective strengths of both Aviv and TBL to benefit the wellbeing and performance of professional athletes in the league.

The direct partnership between the two organizations means that TBL will be the first-ever professional sports league to utilize antimicrobial and moisture-wicking equipment to ensure the health and safety of its athletes, while ensuring that in-game shooting and dribbling performance is enhanced due to less moisture being on the ball. The Aviv Net will be installed across all 42 TBL facilities in North America for use during their fifth Basketball Season, beginning March of 2022.

The Aviv Net employs patent pending technology that dramatically dries the basketball from sweat and cleans bacteria from the ball’s surface every time the ball goes through the hoop. This means players will have a decreased risk of coming in contact with harmful bacteria and be able to play with a far less slippery ball than usual, ultimately improving ball handling and shooting.

Traditional basketball nets have not changed in over 130 years, though the game itself has evolved significantly during that time. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for growing concerns around public health, leading the professional sports industry to make unprecedented changes to keep their communities safe.

The founder of Aviv, Tamir Goodman, is a former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, coach, educator, and innovator. “We were selective when it came to finding the first professional league to make the Aviv net its official league net,  quickly knew TBL was the perfect fit,” Goodman shared. “They genuinely care about the well-being of their athletes, which is exactly why we were founded. We are thrilled to be partnering with this fast-growing and exciting league in all 42 of their facilities across the U.S. and Canada.”

TBL shares Goodman’s sentiment. “As soon as we heard about the Aviv Net, we knew it was something special. This net is going to make such a positive impact on our organization and our players,” commented TBL CEO, Evelyn Magley. “Player health and safety has remained a core value of TBL since our beginnings in 2018, and aligns perfectly with the mission behind Aviv Sports. We cannot wait to witness our partnership take the game to new heights next season.”

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