Pelvic Health Leader Julianne Neal, Opens New Woman Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

Dr. Julianne Neal provides key information and therapy about pelvic health  to a global community

Dr. Julianne Neal, DPT, OCS recently announced the opening of the “New Woman Physical Therapy & Wellness Center” located at 1777 Reisterstown Road – Suite 130 – in Pikesville, Maryland.

Specializing in helping women with their pelvic health concerns and improving their wellbeing, Dr. Neal received her doctorate in physical therapy from Duke University where she developed an interest in women’s health and in particular, pelvic health. She is a certified pelvic health physical therapist through the American Physical Therapy Association as well as a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist with over a decade of experience. Additionally, she has advanced training in obstetrics to help women throughout pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Dr. Neal’s goal is to provide patients with a safe place to experience holistic healing, and provide effective clinical care, exceptional customer service, and support throughout the community. “Opening my own Center has been a goal for the past ten years,” states Dr. Neal, “And I’m thrilled to be able to provide the type of service and expertise here in Pikesville,” she further explains. For additional information, Dr. Neal can be reached at (410) 942-9729 or