How 8 Technologists Reflect After a Long Day of Building

Be it curling up with a good binge-sesh, taking a long bath or getting a bit of exercise, we’ve all got ways to decompress after the day is finally over. And technologists are no exception.

Where and how we reflect can look a little different for everyone (and we all probably don’t take enough time to do it). Yet, it’s a pivotal part of decisionmaking, pondering your next move or even just solving a thorny problem that’s been evading you.

Earlier this week, many of the technologists named on’s 2021 RealLIST Engineers from all five of’s markets joined in on a discussion in our public Slack. The goal? Find the ins and outs about the past (what they wish they’d known), present (how they work now) and future (what’s next for the market) on all things engineering.