Richard Berman Interviews Lisa McIntyre, Director at Linesight

Lisa McIntyre is a dynamic cost and program management professional, team leader, and director at Linesight. An LGBTQ+ woman in an industry dominated by men, Lisa has not only demonstrated a track record of professional success but helped drive DE&I efforts for Linesight’s Americas division.

Throughout her career, Lisa has shown passion, dedication, and empathy for her clients, peers and the larger community, who consistently single out her dedication to collaboration and inclusivity. A vital driver of Linesight’s success in the Americas, Lisa has played an undeniable role in driving positive change into the workplace.

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After working for several years in the human rights field combatting the rise of fascist and neo-Nazi groups (where he contributed to several books on the far right), Richard did a quick detour through the world of academia before entering the world of high-tech marketing in New York, where he worked on the launches of several early dot-com successes. He relocated to San Francisco in 1999, and in 2003 founded VerbFactory after heading up communications for a publicly traded telecom software company.

In addition to running the agency, which specializes in business-to-business technology and has a deep focus in the property industry, for more than 20 years, Richard has always kept a toe in the journalism world. He continues to write for a number of business publications, including the San Francisco business times, and also contributes to newspapers and magazines, including the Toronto Star and the West End Phoenix.

Interview questions:

Q1: Introducing Lisa to the audience

Q2: Lisa, you started your career as a graduate student in Linesight’s Dublin office. Tell us about this incredible journey.

Q3: Let’s continue with an obvious question: How do you feel after winning the RICS Emerging Achiever of the Year Award?

Q4: You were honored for your “exceptional management skills and devotion to excellence” — what are some experiences that helped you hone your managerial technique and what suggestions do you have for professionals looking to you as an example?

Q5: Within your company, you are a well-known DE&I champion and advocate for women in construction. As a leader in a male-dominated industry, how to you fight for equity?

Q6: Has winning this award given you any new perspectives on your work and advocacy?

Q7: Conclusion

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