Joy McAdams Interviews Sean Shea, CEO at ViB

Sean Shea is the founder and CEO of ViB, a B2B demand generation agency for high-tech companies. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Sean has built a company that prides itself on providing high-quality leads to B2B marketers and salespeople.

Before starting ViB, Sean was an IT salesperson for emerging technology and integration companies including GreenPages, Embotics, and AppZero. During those sales stints, the businesses were constantly challenged with finding qualified leads beyond their networks.

Under Shea’s leadership, the ViB team is not only focused on delivering results for clients, but also on giving back to the community. The team actively engages in philanthropic efforts by partnering with organizations such as the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County and The Bucket Ministry, where Shea sits as a board member. One of their notable achievements is donating over $200,000 from ViB’s profits to bring clean water to the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, saving lives in the process. ViB even runs a Pay it Forward program for employees, allowing them to volunteer their time every month during work hours, as part of a larger mission to make a positive impact in society.

Joy is an entrepreneur, podcast host, 15x Ironman, online influencer, wellness advocate, and mom of five. She’s on a mission to help others find balance in their lives, and live life with purpose. Joy completed her first Ironman 3 years ago when she was 44 years old. Joy is a proponent of growth mindset and a believer in the importance of making time for yourself. Her mantra is: We’ve got one life, and you’ve only got one you, so now is the time!

Joy’s passion is to help healthcare practices thrive, not just survive. Her career started 23 yrs ago working for NBC television. It was this first job, that introduced her to a wide variety of industries. It also grew her love for video communication. She quickly was drawn to the healthcare industry and saw its need for growth in marketing. Along the way the social media world quickly became a key part of communication. Joy not only understands social media, but leads in this field. She is a LinkedIn Influencer that has built a community of over 250,000 followers and reaches 2 million viewers per month. She has spent the last 12 yrs teaching medical practices how to grow their practice through relationship building in the medical community and social media content.

Joy is a firm believer that movement changes the mind and unlocks your full potential.

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Interview questions:

Q1: We’ve heard that ViB started as your side project, can you share more about how that happened and what lessons the company has learned from its unique beginnings?

Q2: How did your experience as an IT salesperson shape your approach to building ViB?

Q3: What makes ViB unique in the demand generation industry?

Q4: I’ve heard ViB has a community of over 10 million IT decision-makers, how does the company manage to segment them into highly-targeted groups to fit clients’ demand generation needs?

Q5: Do you have any workplace or success stories that you are particularly proud of?

Q6: I know a big part of ViB’s corporate culture is giving back.. what philanthropic work are you and ViB involved in now and how has it impacted the company and the community it serves?

Q7: What’s the most exciting project you’re currently working on at ViB, and why is it important to you personally?

Q8: What are your priorities for the company’s future?

Q9: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting ViB, what would it be?

ViB is a trusted B2B demand generation agency that has been connecting technology providers with potential buyers for over a decade. With a proprietary approach, ViB has built a millions-strong community of high-tech decision makers and end-users who are actively discovering new technologies and emerging companies.Through a range of B2B lead generation solutions including appointment setting and email marketing, ViB helps B2B technology companies find the warmest path into their target accounts.

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