Bridget Hom Interviews Best-Selling Author Tony Wall, Founder and President of Noēsis

Tony Wall is the founder and president of Noēsis, a non-profit that’s dedicated to human education and the elimination of perpetual conflict. Wall, who comes from a family of nine, spent his early years at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. He moved to Chicago to attend Lake Forest College and credits his Liberal Arts education as the catalyst for his interest in existential philosophy. He spent most of his career in the financial services industry but continually found himself drawn back to the study of humankind. In 2019, Wall established Noēsis and created a series of educational videos to explain his concept of the human injury and how primitive instincts drive today’s human interactions. His passion today is the growth of Noēsis, to partner with all humans on Earth under the banner of species’ self-preservation, to understand the immensity of evolutionary influence on modern behavior. Tony’s book is a legacy for humanity!

Wall’s best selling book The Human Injury: A Species in Crisis makes the case that humanity is on the clock. A beleaguered modern humanity has normalized the growing calamities around us. Normalization is the arrival point of helplessness. A faltering humanity, fully chained to its evolutionary past, cannot find its future. Human degradation stops now. We now have a key, rich evolutionary data that allows human beings to know who we truly are. Without this template, past human cultures were mathematically pre-ordained to perish. And perish they did, with the precision of a radium clock.

Humans are like and equal beings, born to run, born to seek communion with others. We abandoned collaboration in favor of acquisition. The breakdown was immediate, catastrophic, and mathematical. The Human Injury describes the immensity of evolutionary influence upon modern behavior. Base human compulsions activate instantly. They crowd out the thinking mind. They fight enemies that no longer exist. These ancient compulsions have reinvented. They’re making the rules.

The gifts of nature that once kept our ancestors alive now combine to block human arrival to sustainability. Tony makes no apologies for painful observations, but his non-profit Noēsis offers hope and remedy!

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Bridget Hom is an author, leading Mindset coach and guest podcast host. She launched into entrepreneurship during a time when people were pursuing reinvention and personal and professional evolution in their lives and businesses. Having coached individuals and teams and influenced thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide in the Find Your Freedom Programs, she founded the Law of Deservability© and trains individuals to master emotional intelligence in their business and relationships. In this inspiring book, she gives life & business strategies that every entrepreneur needs to get Stuck on Ready to take action and how to:

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  • Learn how to stop living under the influence and become the Influence in life and business
  • Become self-aware and implement emotional intelligence in any situation
  • Unlock the truth and regain control of your brain again
  • Learn how to sell yourself a new reality in life, business, and relationships
  • Leverage the power of The Law of Deservability©
  • Become re-inspired through innovative ways to do sales differently and get results

Bridget is a graduate of University of Saint Francis and proud mother to three young boys.

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Interview questions:

Q1. Excited to have you Tony! You founded a humanitarian non-profit called Noesis – and recently launched a Best-Selling Book on Amazon and Audible called “The Human Injury: A Species in Crisis” – Tell us about your book and that process.

Q2. Tell us about the story behind the founding of your non-profit Noesis? What inspired you to start this humanitarian organization, and what is its core mission?

Q3. What are some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced in running a non-profit, and how are you overcoming them?

Q4. In a relatively short time have created momentum with a community of over 16,000 on Facebook, can you share a particularly heartwarming or inspiring moment from your work with Noesis that underscores the positive impact your organization has had on individuals or communities?

Q5. What advice would you give to individuals interested in getting involved in humanitarian work or starting their own nonprofit organizations, based on your experiences with Noesis?

Q6. There are many individuals and entrepreneurs who have a dream of writing a book, but for whatever reason have not taken that leap… what advice would you give to them?

Q7. What’s next for Noesis? How can people learn more about your non-profit?

Who is Noēsis?

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