Brian Hart Interviews Tony Bellitto, Executive Director of North Penn Water Authority

Tony Bellitto is the Executive Director of the North Penn Water Authority in Lansdale, a position he has held since 1998. He is responsible for all planning, engineering, operational, and financial aspects of the organization, with a staff of more than 50 employees. The Authority provides a daily average of 10 million gallons per day of water supply to more than 35,000 customers from both surface water and ground water in Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

Tony is a Past President of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association and is also active with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and their Water For People program that focuses on international water relief projects in communities around the world that lack access to clean, potable water.

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Brian Hart is the founder and president of Flackable, an award-winning public relations agency representing financial and professional services brands nationwide. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Flackable guides growth-driven brands to new levels of credibility, authority and influence through its integrated approach to public relations. His professional recognition includes Bulldog Reporter‘s 2021 Silver PR Star Under 40, Irish America Magazine’s 2019, 2018 & 2017 Business 100, PR News’ 2017 Rising PR Stars 30 & Under, Lehigh Valley Business’s 2016 Forty Under 40 and Adweek’s 2015 PR Industry 30 Under 30. Brian is a Temple University graduate with a B.A. in Strategic Communication and a Political Science minor.

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Interview questions:

Q1: You’ve had a very long career in the water industry. Tell us about why you are still with North Penn Water Authority and why you enjoy it.

Q2: People may not realize where their water comes from. How can they learn this information and why does it matter?

Q3: Can you talk about the cost and affordability of the water you provide to your customers?

Q4: There are a lot of stories in the news about water, water safety, and water quality. Should people be afraid to drink water from the tap? Is bottled water safer to drink than tap water?

Q5: What’s the greatest misconception about municipal water suppliers?

Q6: I understand EPA will be releasing some new stringent regulations related to PFAS in drinking water. What is PFAS? Why does it matter?

Q7: How does North Penn Water Authority plan to meet those new PFAS regulations?

Q8: As a business leader and industry veteran, what do you hope others will learn from your career in the industry?

Q9: Looking back on your career, what would you tell your younger self about pursuing a career in the water industry?

North Penn Water Authority is a municipally owned, non-profit Authority with a ten member Board of Directors. Board members are appointed to a five year term by their member municipalities. It is the responsibility of each member of the Board of Directors to represent their communities’ interest in the running and operation of NPWA. Board meetings are held once per month and are open to the public.

The most important duty of NPWA is to provide the public with a safe and reliable supply of drinking water. Our employees, many of whom are NPWA customers themselves, take pride in being able to provide this service to the community.

What started out as a small water utility serving 7,000 customers in 7 municipalities has grown to one providing water to more than 35,000 customers in 20 municipalities. There have been many changes over the decades, but one thing remains the same: NPWA is committed to bringing our customers a safe, reliable, and economical water supply now and into the future.

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